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Welcome to themuseslibrary, my account dedicated solely to stock and artist references!  Read on for essential info on how to use this account.


:pointr:  Proper credit given when using my stock.  Optional if you're only using it as reference.  Credit me as follows:
              - On Instagram - www.instagram.com/themuseslibrary
              - On Facebook - www.facebook.com/themuseslibrary
              - On Twitter - www.twitter.com/themuseslibrary

:pointr:  To notify me of your work on DeviantART leave a comment with a link to your work on the stock image which inspired it. This allows others to see how the image has been used, bringing you more publicity.  If your work is exclusive and you do not want it displayed on DA, you may still Note me a link instead.

:pointr:  Use of my stock in pornographic art is NOT ALLOWED. However, tasteful erotic art is acceptable.  If you aren't sure where the line is, see these examples as erotic art I would not mind my stock being used in.  When in doubt, Note me to see if your project is acceptable.

:pointr: DO NOT re-package my stock for distribution on other sites OR share my Exclusive Stock with others!  I offer this stock in good faith and expect good faith in return.

:pointr:  I'm currently transitioning the majority of my stock to be FREE for commercial use, unless otherwise stated in the stock's description!  Some of my stock will require a commercial use fee and will be labeled as such in the image/pack's description.  A lot of my gallery is still in transition, so please be patient as I make these updates to this massive gallery!

:pointr:  If using my stock for commercial purposes, I request that you contact me to notify me of the use.   This is not required, but by letting me know what you're doing with my stock, it gives me a chance to help promote your work!

:pointr:  My cost for commercial use of those stocks of mine requiring commercial use is listed in the images' description.  You can click Purchase to pay in points via DeviantART's premium content system.  Should an image not have a Purchase link yet, Note me and we'll sort it out.

:pointr:  Using my stock for drawing reference is now considered derivative commercial use!  This means that if you intend to make money off of the painting or drawing you're creating referencing my stock photos that do require commercial usage, you will need to purchase the commercial use rights to my stock in order to legally use it for your projects.

What is commercial usage?
  • Any photomanipulation which is requested to be used in a brochure, book cover, magazine ad, etc. (anything which will be published by a company, small or large).
  • Any stock intended to be used on behalf of creating art or graphics for a company, small or large.
  • Any stock used for promoting your own personal band, self-published book, prints through another site outside of DA, etc.
  • A contest in which you win a cash prize. If you win, you owe me a commercial use fee.
  • Images created from my stock to be used in an online stream, video, multimedia project, etc. which will be monetized.
  • Rule of thumb, if you're making money (or going to make money) off the work which you will be creating using my stock in any way, this constitutes commercial use.

What is non-commercial usage?
  • Using stock for your own personal artwork that is NOT being sold to a corporation, company, or small business.
  • Use within DA Prints.
  • Sketching from my stock for educational purposes.
  • Streams that are not monetized.  If you monetize them later, this will then be considered commercial use (for those particular images that require it).


:pointr:  Anyone using my stock has permission to make prints EXCLUSIVELY WITHIN DEVIANTART'S PRINT SHOP without having to pay for the commercial rights to my stock.  

However, any prints sold outside of DEVIANTART PRINTS will be considered Commercial Use and require payment of my Commercial rates for the stock you intend to use (if that stock is listed as requiring commercial use).  This is because dA is special for being my gracious stock gallery host and is a special perk for those of you supporting them via the Print Shop.

(Link to this journal from your print's description if you ever have any problems with the DeviantART staff concerning stock use.)


:pointr:  Requests: CLOSED!  I am just too busy to do any beyond what I shoot for my own art projects.

Please note that I'm an extremely busy person and it will take some time for me to accomplish requests.

:pointr:  A list of my current requests is available here: ladydove7-stock.deviantart.com…


Feel free to note me at this account, or at AngelaSasser as I check that one more regularly than any of my other accounts.  These terms are subject to change at my discretion.

Have fun with this account!
© 2010 - 2024 themuseslibrary
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Comments from the original deviation:

LongStock Dec 20, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
This looks marvelous!!

My photo account ~ ~SidelongGlance
doranostock Dec 20, 2006   Photographer

[link] -- Main Account; [link] -- Prints
Cibeleanjo Dec 20, 2006  Professional General Artist

"That's why they call me the shiro kabocha!" - Pam from "Archer"
I'm sure you're aware of my thoughts and opinions but I'll go ahead and say them again XD You looked beautiful, and so very natural in the whole thing. It was major fun working with you and hanging out and if you ever have the urge to be "all tied up" again, feel free to ask. I had a total blast and I'm glad you and the others did too.
Mithgariel Dec 21, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
You have been daily featured here [link] :)

Many thanks for the great stock and keep up the good work. Happy holidays! :alphaosiris:

Proud to be insane
MadameThenadier Mar 4, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I used several parts of he geisha costume here [link]

Thank you very much.

My own website can be visited here:MadameThenadier site
Hi there, I used the stock images as a reference here: [link]
Thanks a lot!

used your stock here [link]

thx a lot :aww: