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Stock VS Art Feature: Human Naka

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EXCLUSIVE STOCK Egyptian Queen Repose PACK

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REFERENCE SHEET 2 of 3: Harbinger Action

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Futuristic Katana PACK


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Butterfly House Pack


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Textures: Vegetation PACK

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Patreon Project Kit for Artists

I've been on Patreon since the site went live and I've tried a lot of different experiments in that time.  I've built a small, but dedicated following via this community-driven site.  I'm a firm believer that crowd-funding is the wave of the future and the core building block of a growing breed of artist-entrepreneurs! I thought I'd share that spirit of giving by sharing the structure, templates, and other resources that keep my Patreon ticking!  I hope it helps other artists out there considering promoting their projects via this site.  Let's make a Patreon! While my Art has a Patreon account, so does The Muse's Library! Feel free to show

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Geisha Detail PACK


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