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Futuristic Katana 1


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Photographer: AngelaSasser

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Image details
Image size
1200x461px 308.83 KB
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
8 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 23, 2006, 7:32:30 PM
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burningrage8-13's avatar
I've seen that katana before! That's the Samurai 3000!! I've that on a sword website a long time ago! You have one? I'm so jealous!
Lesard's avatar
Hello, I used your stock here: Blade vs bullet
Many Thanks!
roguex's avatar
Used your Stock Here [link]
ChiaraLily9's avatar
thank you for sharing your sword, I used it here…
umbatman's avatar
i will use this stock and hope to do it justice man
umbatman's avatar
i love the katana, true warriors wield the balde. a katana has 108 separate components and any cchump that thinks its easy to use, it takes alot of skill and so much technique. i was in japan and my professor, man that guy was a bushido master. he moved like light
yeril's avatar
Used here : [link]
Hope you'll like it :)
AusWolf666's avatar
Used your wonderful stock here..[link]
nice sword the blade looks like it is sharp enough to cut through anything a sword is not the main part of a samuari but an extension of the samuari the main part of a samuari is his/her spirit their will to keep fighting and to protect that is what gives a samuari their strenght to cut through anything that tries to cause harm to anyone
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Photosynthesis-Art's avatar
used here: [link]
thanks a lot :)
rikangelyn's avatar
thanks a lot for your stock! I'm using some of the photos for a school project :)
themuseslibrary's avatar
Groovy. Good luck with your project!
coolwindsg's avatar
this is very nice. thanks for sharing.
UltraShiva's avatar
Used this amazing stock- [link] :)
nmdavis's avatar
Hi Ladydove,

I've used this stock in my photo manipulation.
I have uploaded the finished piece to deviantart [link]
I've uploaded it to my personal blog. [link] This piece was created to represent the main character of this blog story. I make no money from this blog or story.
I have also uploaded it to the stories facebook page. [link]

Thank you very much for making such a perfect picture available for me to use. If any of these don't comply to your stock requirements, please let me know, I am extremely new to this.
themuseslibrary's avatar
As long as you are not making money from this venture, you're free to use this particular stock. Thanks for letting me know and best of luck with your project! If you ever do decide to make money, it'd only be $5 to use this particular stock however you like whenever you like. Just note me if you'd like to cover your bases by purchasing it anyways and I'll send you my paypal info.:)
ElMaliante's avatar
OMG that is beast!!!! =)
frostzero93's avatar
it's really great.. I sense blood.. hahaha. kiddin.. xD
O-Nobody-O's avatar
So wonderful katana dude, many thanks for this nice stock ! Use it here : [link]

vvola's avatar
used your stock here [link] :)
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