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[C-C MSP] Raider Resources and Dubious Plushes


[C-C MSP] Raider Resources and Dubious Plushes

“Raiders?” New York tilted his head in a questioning way, looking down at the small secretary bat in front of him. Macy nodded in confirmation. “That’s right, batty. I wanted to get some villager’s opinions on them, as well as any possible information they might have that we don’t,” Macy explained, tapping the clipboard she was carrying lightly with her pen. “I especially wanted to get your thoughts on them, since you’re not originally from here, being from… um…” Macy trailed off, seeming to forget the place that New York claimed to be from. “...Skire,” New York reminded her, to which Macy nodded quickly, smiling. “Yes, that! I’m sorry, batty, there’s a lot of villagers that come through here all the time, so some things kinda get mixed up or blurry…” she muttered sheepishly. New York could only nod, seeming to understand. “So, could you possibly tell me your thoughts about raiders?” New York paused for a moment, thinking. His only real experience with raiders wasn’t exactly a

Memories Lie


Memories Lie

“Are you sure you should be doing this?” Devin asked, nervousness obviously lacing his voice. The two simply watched the storm clouds roll across the sky, swirling around the now warped tower that pierced through the dark clouds. Andrew stood well in front of him, his stance suggesting he was about to bolt towards the tower, with every intention of taking on the horror dubbed Leviathan. “Have to, I mean, if we don’t take care of this thing now, then what happens? We get stuck here, being picked off one by one? Not gonna let that happen,” Andrew explained, not taking his sight off of the dark storm clouds above. Before Devin could say anything back, Andrew glanced back over his shoulder and gave a small smile. “Look, I promise I’ll be fine, alright?” he added, fully turning around. Devin shifted slightly, obviously still nervous, but eventually he sighed, nodding. “...Just... try and stay safe, okay?” Devin muttered, looking past his brother and up at the storm clouds again. Andrew
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Happy birthday to you, and enjoy this very... VERY... Cursed Halo MOD Video...:
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