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I don’t know if this is a rumor or not, but better safe than sorry.

We have breaking news! DA is getting corrupt by it’s system! The system is banning and flagging people’s artwork for no reason! We don’t know for sure if it’s because of hackers, but THIS IS SERIOUS!! DA IS SO CLOSE TO DYING, WE DON’T KNOW HOW THIS IS GOING TO GET FIXED!! SPREAD THIS IMMEDIATELY AND TRY TO BE SAFE USING THE APP!! This is kind of what happened to YouTube when it will globally shut down for an hour, let’s just hope DA gets fixed and we are all safe from this happening! This has been going on for a few months now, but lucky me, people like AwesomeGamerXlp1 havn’t been banned permanently. So everyone needs to spread this around DA before things get worse! I hope this will be fixed this month, and I hope we don’t get anymore 5 to 7 year old hackers destroying the community.

Thank you for reading.
So, if you haven't had this happen yet, I highly suggest you block:

They've been spamming several pages with the exact same comment.

If you do have this happen to you, report the comment then block the user.

(I hate spammers like this! >~<)
Edward Richtofen Halloween Cosplay.
Me in my Edward Richtofen Cosplay.

This version is from a AU I'm working on. Here's his bio:

Name: Edward Richtofen.

Age: Physically 18-21. Chronologically 94.

Gender: Male.

Eye Color: Teal.

Hair Color: Blonde.

Markings: Freckles.

Injuries: Facial scaring from experiments.

Nationality: German.

Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany.

Political Group: His own , formerly National Socialist/Nazi.

Organization: Division/Group 935, formerly Wehtmacht Heer.

Rank: Doctor/Major General.

Interests: Experimenting, Goofing around, World Domination.

Likes: Puppies, Ponies, Cats, German weapons, Wünderwaffe (Wonder Weapon), knives, Baron Manfred von Richtophen (The Red Baron), Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (Best Friends during the war), mythology, Torture of criminals.

Dislikes: Stupidity, The Waffen-SS/Gestapo, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Göring, Joseph Mengele, Joseph Stalin, Communists, Concentration Camps, Torture of the innocent, Genocide, Insects, Spiders.

About Him:

Edward Richtofen is the leader of the Nazi-Deep research division known as "Division/Group 935", during World War 2 he became infamous for his hatred of the Waffen-SS.

From 1940-1944, he had been creating soldiers to use as his own army. In 1945, the Waffen-SS discovered information about Richtofen's plan and sent a kill squad to Division 935's Castle on a remote island.

Richtofen was waiting for them and, with the aid of his army, killed the entire SS unit.

Over 70 years later, he and Division 935 resurfaced.

I finally made a Discord Server! ^_^

You can find it here:


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