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9 years ago on this day, August the 15th, me and Demitsorou have created our expansive Bionicle AU project @Technorealm.

This project is very personal and it means a lot to both of us. I am very happy that after all these years we keep building this world together, and we’ve found people who appreciate it as much as we do. <3 Thank you!

Here’s to a dozen years more!

John Peter Bain

July 8, 1984 - May 24, 2018

TotalBiscuit was a huge part of my life as a gamer. There's no words to describe his impact on the world at large.
But I guess one particular thing I want to thank him for, among other things, is for showing me Warframe.
Godspeed, you magnificent bastard. You'll be missed.

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Get an E-Mail from LEGO Ideas team saying:

“Hey, how’sabout a chance to have your totally awesome 10k project being displayed in LEGO House Billund? We’ll give you free shit, all we need is for you to sacrifice your firstborn send your models from five years ago. Pls attach pics so we can rebuild it if it’d broke down. Or just drop by yourself and hand the thing over in person!”

“Sure, sounds good. There’s this eensy-weensy problem tho: my project consisted of digital models so I cannot send them over… will LDD files suffice?“

“Um, sorry. We don’t have the legos to build fan models. Thank you for your interest tho. Write us a letter if you’ll change your mind.“

Hello everyone! I have been invited to open a Cubebrush store, and so I did!

“But Mug,“ you would say, “don’t you already have a Gumroad store?“

Well, yes… but you see, when asked about the benefits of Cubebrush over Gumroad, I’ve been told by the Cubebrush employee that they offer lesser taxes and better visibility/publicity. So, a win-win situation, right?

I think so! I will keep both stores open for now, with identical products and prices on both ends, but when you purchase my instructions or instruction bundles from Cubebrush, theoretically I receive more of your money than on Gumroad.

And for someone like me, it’s super important! So please, spread the word and have a good day!

Mugbearer out!…
Going live on Twitch.TV in about 5 minutes! Let's see if it works shall we?
Taken this stuff from :iconthered1s: just for the funsies. The rules are simple: you leave a comment, I tag you and put here three of my favorite deviations from your gallery. In turn, you can post this thingie over at your blog and tag me and show three of your favorite deviations from my gallery.
  1. :iconthered1s:
    Sol 2 by TheRed1s  Durga - The Spearman from the North by TheRed1s  Makuta (w/ mask of creation) by TheRed1s
  2. :iconsyrup2002:
    (Self Moc- Kano) Matoran by Syrup2002  Synarix (Charging his Attack!) by Syrup2002  Bionicle Rahi: Iron Wolf moc by Syrup2002
  3. :iconkaiborg101:
    Cryptid: Pose and Qoute - 4 by Kaiborg101  Mini-mayhem pixel art: Xela by Kaiborg101  Villain (front view) by Kaiborg101
  4. :icontheoverheatingorange:
    Spider Gwen Proto-Suit (2017) by TheOverheatingOrange  Razarax (2016, Art Trade) by TheOverheatingOrange  Comic Preview 1 by TheOverheatingOrange
  5. :iconrainewhisper:
    Warrior [My Hero Academia] by Rainewhisper  Isnix by Rainewhisper  Me as a Boss Fight by Rainewhisper

Last few weeks have proven to be full of stress and dysphoria. Add to that absolutely terrible, never-endingly rainy weather, and you get an emotional downward spiral you just have no strength to climb out of.
I wanna cook, but my hands fall to my sides.
I wanna sing, but my voice is hoarse and I stutter.
I wanna be happy, but there are always assholes who ruin your day,
I wanna be careless, but my own anxiety eats me from the inside.

Y'all take care of yourselves k?
As it is already November in my timezone, I am finally free of MOCtober 2017!

Whew, for the first time it was quite a blast! Again, huge shout-out to :iconksenolog: and his dailybots, my greatest - and only - inspiration for MOCtober. Go follow him, reblog his stuff, like his stuff, he’s a great artist!

BTW, you can go and check out my MOCtober tag on Tumblr.

Blame :iconatlasavion:


How old are you?
26 years since July the 10th.

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?
He/him. I don't have a solid gender identity.

Your name?   
Art would suffice.

How social are you?
I think I am p social. Although I can as easily be introverted. I tend to join Discord servers that aling with my interests and then leave them after some time, feeling overwhelmed.


How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)
About a decade I reckon, maybe more.

What are your future plans for the site?
Keep posting my digital LEGOs.

Do you want to pursue a career in art?
Perhaps, but I am too inert to make big plans for my future.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?
My art skills are about 8 I think.

Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?
Not really.

Who is your favorite visual artist?
From people I follow on Deviantart I'd probably pick Ksenolog. This guy, I swear to god. His dailybot sketches are so fucking good!

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?
Mouse. Mostly because I work in Lego Digtial Designer, and it's not intended to be working with tablets.

How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?
Anything from two to several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the chosen design. Sometimes I get stuck and sleep on the design for days or maybe weeks. There are a couple of big projects I haven't finished even after couple of years haha. T_T

How well do you handle criticism?
Not well, although I think I am gradually getting better.


What is your sexuality/romantic preference?
I honestly endorse the concept of polyamory, but I haven't been able to truly experience it in real life, so it's something I will have to get used to. As for sexuality, I am demisexual, which means I will sleep only with someone I have a deep emotional bond developed. But I am also asexual, as in I rarely feel sexual drive and follow through with it.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Ayup. Those who know know who it is, the rest can take a wild guess.

Is your partner/spouse a deviant? (If so, paste link to their profile here.)


How long have you been together?
8 years and counting.

Not taggin anyone cuz fuck it.

Today is August the 15th, the birthday of the Bionicle: Technorealm AU Project.

This date was chosen by me and :icondemitsorou: not by accident.

On August the 15th 2009 a Russian-based Forum RPG was created that was called “Technorealm”.

It was based on a small novel I attempted to write at the moment, a Novel called “Journey of Takanuva - Technorealm” (Странствия Таканувы - Техномир) that was a fan-fictional extension of the journey Takanuva, Toa of Light, have attempted in order to reach the Toa Nuva in the Heart of the Matoran Universe.

The spark of inspiration for the novel came from the animated movie called “Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala,” which followed Edward Elric from the first FMA show through the Gates of Truth which acted as a gateway between Amestris and our world where Alchemy was never a superpower. It never worked, and the word belonged to the technological progress. A realm of technology. A Technorealm.

Just like Edward Elric, Takanuva was supposed to discover that his Elemental Powers no longer work in this new version of Metru Nui, the City of Legend, and struggle to return home without the help of it.

The Novel was never finished, and scrapped eventually, as it gave way to a new, more exciting form of fictional media: text-based roleplaying game.

For years me and Demi were maintaining the storyline of Technorealm practically alone, with occasional help of others who came and go. Many things changed. Technorealm evolved.

It have become more than just a mashup of BIONICLE and that one FMA movie.

There are dozens of media references, adopted ideas, things that were inspired by others’ works of fiction, including such big titles as Warhammer 40.000, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, The Elder Scrolls, you name it.

It has become more than a novel. More than an RPG. It has become our child. Our collective creation.

And so many years later, Technorealm is as good as ever! With a group of loyal fans the worldbuilding continues. With a small party of devoted players, we have a Roleplaying segment still going on, even if the old forums are abandoned forever!

This project means a lot to me. Really, it does. And I couldn’t have gotten this far without Demi, or any of those who decided to commit their time and effort into it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!

And happy birthday Technorealm.


Since it’s birthday, it’s customary to give birthday presents. And believe me when I tell you this, Technorealm’s gonna receive some sweet b-day presents today. Stay tuned to the Technorealm blog. <3

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A birthday of my beautiful, magnificent spouse :icondemitsorou:! Happy birthday Demi! <3
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Apparently I've got 101 watcher. :D Something to celebrate I guess?
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This is it folks, the final model of the project has been posted. In conclusion I'd like to say that I apologize if you feel like the quality of my works have dropped significantly by the end. I grew tired of this project. I was anxious I won't finish it, and I ran out of creative juice, and, as the result, become self-aware and constantly dissatisfied.
But now that it's over I look back to it with pride. I've achieved some major milestones in my creative process, such as I found to not be afraid to screw around with Photoshop, as it might produce some fantastic results (Archon and SCV in particular).
In any case, thank you all who stuck with me, it's been fun!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!
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I currently have the following pledge tiers for my Patrons:

  • $1 or more per month. You will get to see WIPs and raws (basic LDD screenshots) of my models before I decide to make them into renders and post elswhere.
  • $3 or more per month. You’ll get all the benefits of the previous tier, plus you will have a glimpse at unwatermarked low-res pre-renders I do before doing a final render.
  • $5 or more per month. This tier will have access to all the benefits of previous ones, plus exclusive high-res (2048×1152 px) renders that I will pick specifically for Patreon.
  • $10 or more per month. This tier includes all the benefits of the previous one, plus I will make a model of your choice to honor your contribution (essentially a basic Commission)!

Please consider following and supporting me! Thank you! :3
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Commission info by TheMugbearer
My contacts.


Skype: nitros_starlight

Discord: TheMugbearer#9748



Gumroad store:

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That's right folks, I am wrapping up my activities.

Well, shit. Seems like dolce vita is over for me kids. My assholes of an ex-employers are withdrawing their machine from under my possession. Which means I am capitally screwed because I am left with my old Lenovo laptop with busted graphics card, and no money whatsoever to fix the problem. The laptop served me many years, but now it cannot even survive a YouTube vid and shuts down immediately. Which means, no LDD. No 3D work. No nothing. For who knows how much time. And what sucks more - my girlfriend is left without a good working rig.

So yeah, I won't be around for... who knows how long?
Looks like there's some unidentified error that occurs every time I actually try to upload an image. No solutions in the Internet, so I decided "screw that, I'm moving to Tumblr". So yeah, see you at my Tumblr: Cya.
My GF is doing commissions again! Go check her out:…
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Hey what's up watchers? I bet there's a lot of Bionicle fans among you!
And I guess some of you do know that I have my own alternate universe, the Technorealm? Well, it's so happened that now I have a Tumblr blog that's all about it! Neat, isn't it? Will hope you'll find it interesting to read!

See you next time!
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The well-known blogger and CUUSOO user GlenBricker has posted in his blog an interview with me. Go check it out.
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