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[Render] Toa Helryx by TheMugbearer [Render] Toa Helryx by TheMugbearer
"She closed her eyes and drew upon all her power. If she had any doubt or regrets, she pushed them aside. Helryx would do what she had always done: whatever was necessary."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows

Helryx was the first Toa ever designed by the Great Beings. She never was a Matoran, and possesses both immense Elemental Power capabilities and a unique Mask of Psychometry that allows her to read the past of items she touches.
Helryx long since forgone the Toa Code, because for her mission and purpose - leading the secretive Order of Mata Nui - its restrictions are but a liability.
Wise and sublime like a stormy weather in an open ocean, she leads her Order to oppose anyone who wants to harm the Matoran or the Great Spirit.
She's a cunning politician, but make no mistake: she may take what she wants with force, and erase you and everything in a radius of several kio, and will not think twice.
Her appearance is frail, but her body is prepared for combat, although she prefers using her mace and shield to channel her Elemental Powers.

This model is based off :icondemitsorou:'s drawing:

* * *
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March 31, 2017
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