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Mother Rodina by TheMugbearer Mother Rodina by TheMugbearer
This model was created for Brick Mecha Division's Pacific Rim challenge.
This is Mother Rodina, a Russian Jaeger of an unknown class. She is a literal tank that can move in either of her modes and uses her chest-mounted cannon to deliver some justice to the invaders.

Her other weapons include a pressure-driven fist/claw arm, a callback to the glorious Cherno Alpha, and a mighty sword, which, much like her name, is a reference to a statue erected in Volgograd that is called "The Motherland Calls".

Her pilots is a mother and her son, a hereditary Jaeger pilot and the only drift-compatible person she has.

Despite being bound to a wheelchair by a leg paralysis, the kid still fights alongside his mom.

When entering the Drift, his mother and their Jaeger's combined power reactivate the dead neural links, enabling the son to operate his legs.

Fun fact: The Motherland Calls is considered to be the tallest statue depicting a woman in the world.

* * *
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