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[LEGO + FTL Kestrel Adventures] Crew by TheMugbearer [LEGO + FTL Kestrel Adventures] Crew by TheMugbearer
A current cast of crewmembers from FTL Kestrel Crew animated show by :iconwonderwig:.
The original sprites could be seen here:

The show could be watched here:…

The image (almost) inherits Wonderwig's positioning of the characters (Cremity, Sambo, Manon, Jose, Charlie Ricardo, Liam and General Pavalo).
Note that not all of the models look exactly like the sprites, there's a few reasons for that.
1) I decided that a whole bunch of smiling faces won't do. So Sambo, who's mentioned that he's always ready for some sweet revenge, depicted as somewhat scarred, grumpy kind of person - I can imagine, being a Rebel prisoner sold to the pirates...
2) Jose and Ricardo have a bit darker skin color. Now, I am not sure if I am not being offensive, but Jose and Ricardo are typically Spanish names, so I decided that these two could be People of Color - for diversity of course. Now I am not sure about Pavalo here, so help me with this.
3) My models of a Rockman and a Mantis Warrior are obviously nowhere near the scale of the sprites, my apologies. Also Lego Digital Designer, in which it's been done, has no head that would even closely resemble an actual Praying Mantis, so Liam is a little bit more threatening.
4) Pavalo's got his straps because I feel it's important to remember who he was before volunteering for a secret mission.
5) The color scheme of the Federation uniform is a sand blue instead of violet and purple, mostly because I am not sure I like it, and because I don't have a good color combo in LDD's palette.

Anyway, here they are! Glad you like them, especially you Wonderwig! If someone of you guys want more characters from the show, Rebels for example, please feel free to ask me to do them. I'll try my best.
Wonderwig Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
This is awesome! I just shared it to the show's Facebook group.
TheMugbearer Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! =)
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August 19, 2015
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