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LEGO FTL Instructions on Gumroad and Cubebrush! by TheMugbearer LEGO FTL Instructions on Gumroad and Cubebrush! by TheMugbearer
05/08/2017 Update: I've uploaded a new bundle to the store that includes the LEGO FTL Set #009 "The Lanius Cruiser". You can also now buy its instructions booklet separately.

Some of you may remember, the others don’t, but some years ago I actually ran a LEGO CUUSOO project that proposed to create a line of micro ships from award-winning rogue-like videogame FTL: Faster Than Light. Despite having a huge following and even some articles on the media,and reaching the ultimate goal of 10.000 followers, the Lego Group did not pick the project for their LEGO Ideas set.

I have promised myself that one day I will make the instructions available for the fans, and laid low for too long.

But wait no more! I have put the PDF instructions for the micro ships from FTL: Faster Than Light on Gumroad!

You heard that right, this is not a drill!

The instructions are released in two forms: individually and in bundles!

The three FTL Bundles cost 9$ and include a set of instructions for FTL ships plus a FREE instructions of game’s mascot ship The Kestrel!

The one MEGA+ Bundle costs 25$ and includes all available FTL ship instructions AND A FREE instruction of The Kestrel!

And finally, each PDF instruction is also sold separately for 5$.

!Check out my Gumroad store to see what’s available!
!Alternatively, visit my Cubebrush store!
As to why Cubebrush, check this journal.

But wait, there’s more!

To provide an example of an instruction, and for the sake of self-advertisement, here’s an absolutely free of charge PDF Instruction with The Kestrel and a SUPER BONUS in form of an instruction of SSV Normandy from Mass Effect franchise: >>>CLICK HERE<<< Awesome!

Now, a couple of disclaimers, just to be sure we’re on one page.

1. I do not own FTL Faster Than Light. It’s a game made by Subset Games aka Matthew Davis and Justin Ma. The instructions are sold from their approval.

2. These are digital goods, which means there are no piece packages. Those are PDF files that show you how to assemble those micro ships with the pieces available, plus brick lists so you could easily buy what you need.

3. The choice of instructions included in the bundles is not random. With the help of Glen Bricker and polls he made during the CUUSOO campaign we’ve paired them up, so there’s that. Don’t request new bundles or ask to remake the existing ones.

4. Yes, the Kestrel is in every bundle. It’s free, so why not, right?

5. If you want me to make something that you like, go and check my Commissions info post.

And now, shout-outs!

Shout-out to Subset Games for making an awesome game that inspired me to make this all possible!

Shout-out to Glen Bricker, who supported me through all the hardships of doing the CUUSOO project and beyond that. Go, check out and support his current project Brickyt!

Shout-out to Stefan “Sastrei” Garcia for creating those amazing instructions! Go check out his Homeworld conversions!

Shout-out to all of you who followed and supported LEGO FTL project on CUUSOO, and to those of you who over the years found me and told me that you are still waiting for the instructions to happen! Here’s to you, FTL and LEGO fans!

And a little shout-out to my first customer artiestroke from Tumblr. You’re the MVP Roxy. :3
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Mark-Wilder Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017
Is it possible to make one of the Crystal Cruiser?
TheMugbearer Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No. By far it's the worst to replicate, both part- and shape-wise, so for now I have completely gave up on that idea.
Mark-Wilder Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017
You might try something similar to what you did with the slug cruiser.
TheMugbearer Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's not going to help.
Mark-Wilder Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017
Are you sure? I know that matching the exact shape with LEGOs would be impossible, but I'd image you could do a pretty good approximation. For example:…

That piece could be baseline for the protrusion on the front hull.
TheMugbearer Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, but I don't seek advice on how to build a Crystal ship.
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