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Clever Cabin - The Poem



BA Architecture, Year 1, 1st Semester

A few pages from my 1st Portfolio which was designing and creating a pavilion. The projected started off with being given 28 short poems. Each of us had to select the poem which we liked the most and then produce 3 pieces of work from the poem without any illustration, but instead with our thoughts and feelings from that poem.

The next step was to transform the pieces of work into models of any size and materials with the addition of a final model. Photos of the final models were taken from several angles with a few being drawn in pencil – this was called 'Imposed Drawing'. Using the drawings, which was an ideal of 3, we had to merge all 3 together to create what was called a 'Superimposed Drawing'. This was simply by drawing parts of the models from each 3 drawings into one followed by a model of the final outcome. From here on we could start to see our pavilion developing and was given the information of the purpose of this pavilion – for a person to read a poem to an audience.

We were given an approximate maximum size for our pavilion which we had to incorporate to our 'Superimposed Model' making necessary changes to ensure there is enough room for the Poet and audience to stand, or even sit. This pavilion did not need to have solid walls or roof and was widely open to a range of materials to be used. After a series of developed drawings, montages and also research, I had come to my final design of my Pavilion.

A montage of selected photos taken of and around the university campus, in particular the Art & Design Faculty.
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