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Uni-Special Familiar (ADnD 1st Ed)
Photocopy of original. NPC. Rellik had found during an adventure, a scroll that allowed him to summon a special familiar, one specifically aligned to his alignment. Uni was the result. She stood as tall as about that of a barbie doll or slightly shorter. As any familiar, Uni imparted several benefits while they were together, things that were much better than a normal familiar could offer. But should she be slain or sent away, the detriments for losing your familiar were so much worse as well.
Rellik Namuh-Wood Elf Ftr/MU (ADnD 2nd Ed)
PC, and elven fighter/magic-user that travelled with his dear friend Amy the elven rogue, Sir Eric, and companions. He delighted in killing evil humans who had harmed any elf that he knew of when possible. Between adventures he would find the nearest elven community, whether that be a known village outside of town or an elven enclave within a human settlement, like an elve's quarter if one exists or an establishment frequented only by elves.
Mylar-Human Cleric (ADnD 2nd Ed)
Scan of the original. NPC, Mylar acts as the spiritual advisor to the younger Sir Eric von Huntra and travels wherever Sir Eric goes unless he is tasked otherwise by the young paladin. Mylar is devout, fearless in his beliefs, and enjoys an ale or three... and/or some wine. Secretly, Mylar has a taste for the comforts afforded by young, voluptuous  prostitutes when not around Sir Eric for an evening and is happy to pay them well and give them a sermon.
Aldrin-Human Fighter (ADnD 1st Ed)
Scan of original. An NPC, Aldrin was Sir Eric von Huntra's trusted companion and man-at-arms who accompanied the paladin on journeys and adventure.
Sir Eric von Huntra-Human Paladin (ADnD 1st Ed)
Sir Eric was a PC in one of my campaigns (my first actual homemade campaign setting and not just individual modules) and is one of those paladins that could be flexible within the law. If he travelled a land where slave owning was legal, he felt obliged not to start freeing them by force. If he travelled a land where slavery was illegal, then all bets were off slavers!
Many players of paladins in my game looked at such things in black and white, that is to say no matter where the paladin was, if the issue was slavery, then the slavers and slave owners were automatically in the wrong regardless of local laws. Dave on the other hand, like many of my players, played their characters in shades of grey as required.

This sadly, is a photocopy of the original that I have access to in some old AD&D 1st ed folders.


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TheMrRoc's Profile Picture
An Aussie with a grown family, grandchildren, and a great grandchild, how's that?!
I am a gamer, starting off with the usual suspects of board games when a child like Ludo, Sorry, Monopole, etc. I got into tabletop wargames in a tiny way (couldn't find other players) in my teens and pub computer games became a thing in my teens and the Commodore 64 came out when I was 24 and I could only afford one when I was 26 and shortly thereafter, Hello Bard's Tale! And my computer RPG life began. From there I never looked back.
I became a Pencil and Paper RPG'er with the original Traveller (Little Black Books or LBB) set shortly after getting (or was it shortly before?) getting the C64 and had many years of playing that when I found people who were also interested in that. That lead onto D&D and AD&D and over 30+ years later is history (my first uploads here were from some 31 years ago and I have been playing for years before that).
I got the AD&D 2nd edition upon release in 1989 and set my games in the Forgotten Realms setting... though I tried not to include clerics in a big way until they released Faiths and Avatars in 1996! It worked, I just kept things simple. Hence my interests in drawing fantasy characters.

I also dabbled in military history in my younger days so there are also lost (no really, I think they are gone forever) drawings of a military nature of men and equipment. Because of my love of all things sci-fi as well, there are also many lost (as per the military above) drawing too. It was only when I had free and easy access to a photocopier did I start copying my character drawings, the originals often given to the player whose character was depicted so I don't have many originals.

I hate doing bios so, is this good enough?


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May Apollo, God of the Light, Oracles and Inspiration, open your eyes to even more creations that your hands turn into delightful magic on the canvas, oh devoted wizard of paper and pencil!
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