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Zelda: The WindWacky

By Themrock
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I love the new design of Zelda in Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass.

Lot of fun.


Zelda © Big N
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bitchloveshergames's avatar
I never could get around to beating this one. 😔
LushMcGuff's avatar
xD He's one of my favourite characters :love:
From what I can remember his name is... Leinbeck?
The1stMoyatia's avatar
--and it looks even more fun like this.
ByrneFan101's avatar
MORTHS!! :la i went to the boss levle, and still had one on me!@ i named him worrior, since he was tough! >:)
PoeSheiky's avatar
I would find it so funny when those spiky balls would stick on Link! This is so funny and epic!
400z2fr33dum's avatar
Man I saw this and got sad for a second thinking you were making fun of the games. But I can see that you're not.
Darivonch420's avatar
I love wind waker, it's really fun and relaxing! lol
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
Quick question, who is the fairy? I never played PH, just WW, OOT, MM, FFA (GCN version) and played around a bit with the first two on my copy of the Collectors addition.
yenke's avatar
As I see this deviant artist never answers, I shall tell you ^^
She's Ciela, another fairy! I won't tell more in case you wanna pay the game! :)
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
Don't you hate it when that happens? XD

Considering my own lack of funding, plus that of my immediate family, it's unlikely I'll be getting it anytime soon. Do tell! :D

Thanks for telling me to! :)
yenke's avatar
Yes, that's why I usually stalk comments to see if someone need answers XD

Ciela is the "spirit" -well, a fairyxD- of Courage! She's Link's sidekick, and she acts as annoying as any other fairy in the Zelda games XD

Lots of people usually call her like me, Celia XDD They misunderstand her name! XD
MarinaBandicoot789's avatar
I stalk comments too :dummy:
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
:rofl: Another Navi huh? XD
yenke's avatar
Another Navi, but Ciela is even MORE annoying XD
LostPaparazzi's avatar
Morts: The pets of champions. ;)
Turquoisecake's avatar
Hohohoho Linebeck!
Marx-Wraith7's avatar
Those Morts look.....prickly, hahahaha!
monphil's avatar
kiesu's avatar
Fucking AMAZING xD
SeaKing678's avatar
i loved windwaker until my older brother took it with him when he left home. oh and great work love the look on link hahah
Marx-Wraith7's avatar
You have an evil older brother! D : (
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