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Wii Set a Fire....guy

My second collaboration with the always awesome :iconzorgia:. This time, we wanted to go with something we both like a lot, the Super Mario series.

We talked about an setting in a chat and came to the conclusion that a campfire setting would be a simple funny idea.
Mario drew Luigi and I drew Mario (man that is a weird sentence).

Hope you can enjoy our collab piece.

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Awesome! This kind of reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.
GG-BOY's avatar
You guys rock :D I like it a lot!
pheeph's avatar
Dang... that looks so Ren and Stimpy-esque....
2timesundefined's avatar
I like the way the contrasting styles bring out the contrast in the characters themselves.
Ichimokuren10's avatar
this kind of makes me think of ren and stimpy
sleepcircle's avatar
Hahah, it totally does.
TMystery's avatar
I love the style and the idea of people frying mushrooms like Smores. Have people actually done that before?
gangsterart's avatar
nice work! and color.
THeJoKr's avatar
those druggies!
eos8's avatar
hehe! jaja, der mario und seine vorliebe für pilze. schön, dass das mal von dir in szene gesetzt wurde :D
Crush-Zombie's avatar
I really gotta say... You have a great, unique style. Osu!
OsHoshi's avatar
I love how this came out!!
visnenkat's avatar
I just adore the art style you both used XD even if I haven't been paying attention to Mario stuff for years, this is too awesome to not fave!
Discomepretty's avatar
I adore the concept! And its super neat to see a whole page used to display your amazing coloring skills. It never ceases to amaze me, how clean and vibrant your art turns out! The lightling perspective really is admireable, as is the contrast between the character styles, as a result of the collabing.
MarcelPerez's avatar
Mamma mia! Very nice job, both of you!! Hmmmm, these mushrooms looked bigger in the game... I guess there should be some different species... :D
user18759's avatar
This made me laugh out loud. I'm not even joking, I LOVE the style.
kdotx's avatar
I LOVE IT!!!! MORE!! Do superheroes!!!
meisan's avatar
man!!this is very cuteeeee haha
j-lew2021's avatar
ThuhJesheekuh's avatar
How great! Mario's expression is priceless! That poor podoboo. Couldn't they have looked for a fireflower?
MeGaDuDeX's avatar
Your Mario pics are great, keep it up! ;)
Nonnie-LOL's avatar
wtf... its awsome :) :) :)
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