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Wiggle This



Today's livestream session pic!
Hope you had fun looking at me working!

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The Good:
As with all of your work, your lines and expressions are filled with energy and movement. You can really feel the sway and swipe of each and every line, even though it's just a still image. The flat, somewhat "diluted" colors really help to give the entire picture a simple, fresh, cartoony feel, despite the deceptively detailed linework.

The scale is also great, as the viewer goes down the picture, you start off from the back, near the wiggle worm's rear, and wind down as the action gets closer to the viewer, with a full frontal Mario-styled stomping. Lots of fun, to say the least.

The realistic "paper textures" that make up the border, and occasionally overlap with the "cartoony" portion of the image is also a nice touch.

The Bad:
Not much to say here, actually, other than there seems to be a slightly awkward transition from the ground the wiggle worm is standing on in the very front of the picture as it leads farther back into the background.

The picture is also a little visually confusing. Since you're using black lines to define almost everything, and also (as previously stated) considering the deceptive amount of detail and lines, it has a slight tendency to "blend together".

It ALMOST feels as if there's too much going on with the linework, since literally every single line is incredibly energetic and begging for the viewers attention. But again, it isn't THAT bad, and its still easy to tell what's what and who's who. So all is well.

Everyone loves Mario, and everyone loves cool pictures, and everyone loves cartoons.

This of course combines all three of those things, and would make for a great poster or something! Great job!