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Uncle Scrooge


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Playing Ducktales remastered! :D

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This looks amazing!

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RIP(Alan Young) Uncle Scrooge
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And he made his money by being smarter than the smarties, tougher than the toughies and he made it square!
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 The one on the NES is one of the most succesful licensed games in video games history!
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I just played that recently too. I really like the inking on this piece.
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One of Walt Disney's brilliant & richest character of all time!:D
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Hmm, I think I played that game over at a friend's house way back...unless they had several based off the franchise? :O The one I'm remembering is where there's stages set in different parts of the world. I remember the Hawaiian stage the most, there was a volcano in the background and these lava-spewing tiki things :XD: In fact I remember more from the game than from the show, it always played when I was already on the way to school, I think I saw one episode when I had a day off sick :lol:
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My favorite depiction of yours of Scrooge thus far. Cool sideburns!
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He's my favourite! Great job!  ^^
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Hey! It's my favorite duck aside from Launchpad!
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