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Themrock's Raven 2

Still on the idea.
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ELgenius11's avatar
damn thats good 
HerneztoVanyard's avatar
se parece mucho a Whip, de KOF :O
SketchcreativeLe's avatar
I'm so glad you made her look more unique than what she looks in Teen Titans.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
His looks awesome. :)

dynamicsketch's avatar
As long as she can do more with her powers than simply picking up and throwing them. Looking good here.
theEyZmaster's avatar
So cute! :love:
Lovely design! Dynamic pose - I dig how her powers came out^^
Faithboy102's avatar
If only teen titans go looked a little this
theEyZmaster's avatar
If only the original TT cartoon looked like this! XD
Faithboy102's avatar
hey don't push it lol just playing
theEyZmaster's avatar
The original TT cartoon was way too animu for me! XD
Faithboy102's avatar
yeah that was true, what if they looked like the characters from justice League show.
MickLee99's avatar
Nicely done!!!
mdizzle999872's avatar
I like yours, has an interesting twist
Crazy-Caeshi's avatar
I love the whip idea!
CLXcool's avatar
Raven's really letting out her magic here. 
DeepCoverNeko's avatar
As always, awesome work!
It's cool to see Raven in your style!
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