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January 6, 2012
The Mario Kart Collab v.0.1 by MANY PEOPLE

This terrific piece showcases not only many classic Nintendo characters but also a vast variety of styles from a bunch of talented artists. It is an excellent example of what we're capable of when we work together.
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The Mario Kart Collab v.0.1



Phew.... download for full resolution...
I don't list all the probs I had while finishing this.
So enjoy it, also when it took nearly forever.

This is the 4th try to finish this piece. My original ideas and MANY details got trashed, because of performance trouble.
But this piece is not finished, that's why 'v.0.1'. I add some details and change some others over the days.

Driver artists

All driver artists can post their driver and can link to this piece. I will post a thumb of your driver in the description.

Toad - :iconlightbombmike:
Baby Mario - :iconbetteo:
Dry Bowser - :iconrobbvision:
Luigi - :iconthemrock:
Funky Kong - :icondeathbysodacan:
Yoshi -:iconhen-hen:
King Boo -:icongrim-amentia:
Princess Peach - :iconmakani:
Baby Luigi - :iconadrianperezacosta:
Mario -:iconmr-insomnia777:
Donkey Kong - :iconfubumeru:
Baby Peach - :iconbasakward:
Waluigi -:icontraditionaldanimatio:
Bowser jr. -:iconmissleo:
Bowser - :iconhitlersbrain:
Dry Bones - :iconneilando:
Birdo - :iconnosleepjinx:
Daisy - :iconvernavulpes:
Diddy Kong - :iconpocketowl:
Wario - :iconseizuredemon:
Toadette - :icontvskyle:
Petey Piranha - :iconsam-m:
Koopa Troopa - :iconzorgia:
Shy-Guy - :iconvitaminbee:
Para Troopa-:icondarkjak:
Rosalina - :iconalexds1:
Baby Daisy :icondynamicsketch:
Donkey Kong Jr. -:icondunlavey:
Lakitu -:iconsibsy:


Background character artists

Some charcters are not added, sorry for that.
I forgot some names of the bg character artists.
Please tell your name and show your work.


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