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Swefs Announcement
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Published: May 26, 2018
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'...What you don't know what a SWEF is!!!!??'
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lylie-foakStudent Digital Artist




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lylie-foakStudent Digital Artist
Oh wait no it definitely is a joke because it's a hideously reduced version of your incredible work. At last. I understand. Me have molasses brain.
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ThemrockProfessional Traditional Artist
It was a joke on the whole thundercats controversy.
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lylie-foakStudent Digital Artist
Ahhhh, I hadn't heard about it! Internet's gotta internet, haha.
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But this would be a QUALITY show tho
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FractiousLemonProfessional Digital Artist
Not half-assed or chunky enough for a Cartoon Network show. And where are the giant mutant swollen lips?
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Finally switching to a certified, globally-acclaimed CalArts style? Good man! :heart:
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serperiorruler101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still looks better than ThunderCats Roar. Lol
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Can someone explain to me if this kind of crap I'm starting to see is making fun of “calarts style” as a concept, or is it making fun of the kind of dumbass manchildren that think calarts style is a real thing destroying animation because they’re butthurt that a thundercats cartoon wasn’t made for them? Because I really don’t want to have to purge my watch lists of people I like if I find out they buy into this stupidass conspiracy idiots are trying to peddle.
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I'm not sure I understand what "CalArts" style IS?...
Like I've seen a lot of thesis animations from that place and it seems there's 
a huge variety of styles...
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I’m not sure if it’s based on any actual accepted term in art circles, but it is essentially a nonexistant concept that has been made up out of nothing. A bunch of pathetic manbabies are upset that the new thundercats cartoon coming out is both goofily drawn and comedic in tone. So they have come up with this term “calarts” and are essentially declaring that every single cartoon right now is using the exact same art style and is homogenizing and destroying western animation. Stuff like teen titans go, gumball, ok-ko, star vs the forces of evil, steven universe, etc etc etc. These people claim all these shows and more look the same, even when they very much don’t. For some reason, in these past few years, people can’t just call a show bad and move on. Everything has to be part of some grand conspiracy to destroy culture. So Thundercats Roar can’t just be an ugly cartoon that they don’t personally care for, it has to be a new pin on the conspiracy-board of how evil leftists are destroying cartoons. I find this doubly-hilarious because I recall last year several folks calling this a golden age of good western animation just last year. And now with a single cartoon we’ve gone from “one of the best times for animation in the west” to “we are now literally in the holocaust for animation”.
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Darko, you hit the nail on the head. :D
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ThemrockProfessional Traditional Artist
Welcome in the fan hells of animation and comics.
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ThemrockProfessional Traditional Artist
It is making fun of both sides.
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Minnie-SalinasHobbyist General Artist
Even when you're bullshitting, somehow you make a better version of the 'CalArts' style.
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You don't know what a SWEF is? You are stuuuuuupid!

Yeay, another (fake) announcement poster!
There should be finally a show made out of it or a pilote episode at least.
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HCShannonHobbyist Digital Artist
Prepare to get hate mail from the manchildren!
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JAMEArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Unlike other cartoons that have the same artstyle, this one looks pretty distinctive with your work on it, to it's credit! xP
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RourkeArtsStudent Filmographer
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LittleMissDevil21Hobbyist Digital Artist
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