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Pokemon Starter 4th Gen


3rd or 5th will come soon.


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albert1614's avatar
Haa now that funny
Skies-zen's avatar
Oh my gosh I love how clean your style looks and how funny each drawing looks and how it's still recognizable even if it's put in a way that represents the pokemon  but still funny

I hope that made sense :0
Pipluper7's avatar
Retarded much?
guikirinus's avatar
Dscapades's avatar
the best kinda messed up!
ajcho97's avatar
Anime-Dry-Bones's avatar
LOL! I love that look!
Much better than that cutesy-cutesy look they had on the game. Pokemon would be AWESOME if they looked like this!
FluffySpiderz's avatar
haha I love piplup's fish breath!
RocketmanTan's avatar
okay, that does it, I'm giving you a watch
feraIigatrs's avatar
oh lord...piplup
gmodgame's avatar
Honestly this is the generation where pokemon starts to become unfun
Frobman's avatar
What a bright looking bunch~!
Dylanio21's avatar
If you did the art for Pokemon...I'd still be playing.
kacheeky's avatar
lol Piplup has fish breath.
Princess-Shanny's avatar
OMG! I absolutely adore your style! It's random and out-there. The only thing I hate is that you made Piplup look retarded D:
StarCentury's avatar
Chimchar feels like he's saying, "Why am I hanging around with these brain-dead losers?" :laughing: He's so indifferent.
KaibaKitty's avatar
xDDD Chimchar looks like a stoner. These are great
LinBird's avatar
wow! tutrwig and pip look like they have the lowest IQ ever!
PsyPandaCookies's avatar
Cool! Oh my goodness Piplup's face. XD
Dscapades's avatar
that chimchar1 nice work
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