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Pokemon Starter 2nd Gen

First of the Pokemon starter series i am planning to do this month.

Next should be the first gen.


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When i first saw the thumbview, i thought it might be decent. But when i saw it carefully, i burst into laughter to this picture as well as the other two. You show great expression to the characters that would match with them in a comical, yet intentive, manner. I really love this style and hope to see more in the future. The way that you protrait your style gives the characters an even more understanding of the character that lets viewers say, "Oh these are great aexpressions and it matches well with that Pokemon".
You have no flaws or need of improvement (but improving is still good) to show great artwork, keep up the awesome work!
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I love this piece. The forms are fantastic and you did a great job with their characterization. My only problem is with Totodile's mouth. Well, his teeth really. It sort of has a zipper-effect going and I'm not sure it will read well with others. I'd like to see more of a random pattern rather then such a neat upper/lower/upper/lower pattern.

One of my favorite parts of this piece is the gradient you added on Chikorita's leaf. I'd love to see this more in say an environment or something. It gives it a lot of depth. Great work otherwise and I'd love to see more Pokemon works. Maybe a battle illustration with you as the trainer? <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)"/>
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Actually it was on purpose to draw the teeth as zipper things, because drawing them weird over the face would be too obvious and overused.
That this solution may be not everyone taste is an obvious fact, i can understand.
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It is a little overused, I totally understand that. I hope my critique was helpful though.
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I love ur style dude
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They look very Tim Burton-like. Creepy as hell but cool at the same time.
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hahahah that chikorita XD XD XD!
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This is amazing.
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So western. So funny
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They're so Derpy, can't help but to laugh at all of them. Had a good laugh, thanks.
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Your caricatures are so awesome.
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totodile looks awesome:]
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It's so wierd.... but I can't stop looking at it
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DAT CYNDAQUIL NOSE. :iconmegustaplz:
Could I maybe use this as my Cover Photo on facebook?

Feel free to say no though, this is your property and I completely understand :)
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not agreeing with the style on chikorita! but the others are very well done! specially cyndaquil!
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Chikorita's on Crack, that's why it looks that way
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wait.... *looks at picture* oh yes i see it! nice goin ^^
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Well, Chikorita make there own crack, that's really all that it's good for. Making Crack.
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do they make it from their neck thingys?
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