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Pokemon Starter 1st Gen

1st generation. I did a pikachu already, which you can find in my gallery. No reason for me to draw him again.

What will be the next gen i am doing?


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How I draw... :/
AnnaSofia7's avatar
Wierd...  I saw ur 2nd gen!
blcp's avatar
You have just made my day.
I'm not big on fan art but you really made those characters your own!
allentj's avatar
these drawings are so funny and cool
pokemontrainerben's avatar
This is awesome! It looks like John Kricfalusci's art style.
Too bad, not fantastic. :no:
JHJarreau's avatar
bunkertheroomate's avatar
This kinda reminds me of John Kricfalusi.
Stickdust's avatar
I had reached my wits end this helped me get back on my feet miracles really do exist just think of all the possibilities
Pichulopolis's avatar
You sir just ruined my childhood, you made them all derped up Q.Q
Cameron-Ohara's avatar
Heheh, Bulbasaur's expression is priceless~ Reminiscent of EgoRaptor's PokeAwesome
flowersun123's avatar
Who knows. We have to wait for the next game.
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Dscapades's avatar
this is really great they arnt to wacky and also not to plain! *favein*
Astral-Wingz's avatar
They all look drugged out of high, but nice job (:
PsycoMasterKA's avatar
Squirtle's face made my day. I thank you.
stinkyfacedcole's avatar
dude. this. is. AWESOOOMME
RingosGirl64's avatar
WOAH!!!!!!!!!! I love the style of this!! :heart: You're awesome!!
MOMODED's avatar
awesome, love yer style. . . .
EternalRZ's avatar
These all remind me of Ren and Stimpy for some reason XD. These are awesome :D!
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