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Pokemon - Gotta Catch Them All




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I remember you teasing us on your facebook with different pictures of the Pokemon and unsurprisingly it was worth the wait. I love how this turned out, Dirk. The poses give the pokemon a lot of character which is very challenging thing to do. I'm also impressed by how you made them all fit in proportionally. I especially love the names you chose. I'm kind of disappointed with the preview size, but I won't hold that against you. I would deduct points seeing how this would be considered "bandwagon", but the names you chose forced me to make an exception.
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I miss the old option to create a 'preview Pic' that works like a link to the full size. Don't know when deviantart removed this feature and why.
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

I love the personalization of all of the characters, and the movement that they all have a feeling of.
Probably only two things that I can reccommend is that you don't downsize the file to fit it on dA, but keep it at the original file size and have it extend out of the window size, but it'll have a scroll bar, or at least leave it open for download so that everyone can see the amazing detail in the piece. <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt=":la:" title="La la la la"/>
The second thing would be that the different names under the Pokemon could be confusing for people that don't know the original names of them, probably the only issue that this would raise would be that people might want to search for the Pokemon online and see what they are originally depicted as looking like.

Good work all in all. I love Pokemon like anyone who grew up with it does, and this piece just shows the diversity and the originality that can be put into already made monsters and pieces of work to make it your own.

Also love the color scheme for the background.

~Jester<img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart"/>
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Dude, have you tried the download button already?
It is a fair size and you must scroll from left to right ^^

And yes, I was lazy yesterday and did not write a full description. Will follow. But I can expect that the watcher read the description or are already pokefans ^^

thx for the critic.
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Wow, now I sound like a dick, but hey, thanks for pointing that out. I didn't even have it cross my mind that it would have been bigger... :O
No worries, I'm glad I could help. :B

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Maria made me laugh hard xD
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Thats so cool! I might try doing one of those.
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Heck yea dude all the awesome Pokemon. Represent Croagunk!
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Lol I love how you have the pretty name like maria with the pincir....
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this is a cool way of drawing pokemon.awesome!
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I enjoy your style very much! Its very unique and sets you apart from others!
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Judging how they look, I wonder how well you look after your pokemon.... :o
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The Pinsir is named Maria!?
Dude, thats my name! But I must say your Pokémon drawings are hillarious.
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u're great I love your so sarcastic style!!
Dude ! Your style.. WOW i love it !! Ho my... SO SICK ! good job you are a beast =D
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haha i love how pinsir is just named Maria
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Not that these pokemon aren't totally charming, but Swallot is actually over five feet tall. /nerd
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I have a liliputian one, because I rock.
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And, more on topic, I think my favorites in this line-up are the Muk and Weezing. They're two of my favorites to doodle, and your exaggerations fit the chaos of Muk's body and the bloated expressions of Weezing to a T, though this Weezing looks more neurotic.
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