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Paper Luigi

... on his quest to rescue Princess Éclair in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.




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Tabascofanatikerin's avatar
Luigi is damn cute here :happybounce: 

I know this piece is older but I enjoy your Luigi artworks generally so much, wether old or new :aww:
How fitting that this one also looks quite nostalgic.
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SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Paper Luigi should get his own spin-off soon. And also need to be a RPG with some great stuff :)
michael-bowers's avatar
Intelligent Systems really ought to make this game.
HonoluluJoe's avatar
I googled paper luigi because I found the new trailer for the M&H x paper mario game sorely lacking him. This drawing's a stellar reminder that luigi has his own subpar adventures behind the scenes. Wish we'd get a spinoff game.
Jupiter9099's avatar
With Paper Mario being all about the gimmicks rather than the story now, it's very unlikely. Not to mention Luigi has been reduced to level-by-level easter eggs in Color Splash.
HonoluluJoe's avatar
my heart...she breaks...
DasIporkchopMC's avatar
well that was surprising to see.
MrLGreenThunder97's avatar
boobiezyay's avatar
luigi, crazee daze, buzzy beetle, bob-omb, blooper and.................thing
Bobthegreatorcslayer's avatar
Awesome! Always liked talking to Luigi in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door about his adventures.
KaizokuShojo's avatar
This game needs to exist...
AJ-Morrow's avatar
They should mage a sequel to Thousand Year Door showing Luigi's adventure.
XUltraViolettX's avatar
Make it happen, Nintendo! >_<
Jamienaut's avatar
I've wanted them to make a game based of his stories in Paper Mario TTYD sonce I beat the game when it came out.
Teengamer08's avatar
I LOVE that cherry bomb..../('3')\
Paper Luigi needs his own game...
ChubbiBunnies99's avatar
Haha, I remember every single one of these guys! :D
RaichuMaru's avatar
Awesome love the colors and style.:D
8thBushido's avatar
Wow looks like a caryoon style awesome! :D
Abilene22's avatar
I finally get the chance to say this! :D
I seriously LOVE your style!

In this pic, Luigi looks like he's telling them about some of his grand adventures with Mario. :)
drawntothemagic's avatar
This is amazing!!!! So perfect - this game needs to happen. :)
NeterG's avatar
Why are they all male?
The8BitQuill's avatar
Because they're all bachelors.
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