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Mickey Mouse

Come to the Dark Side!

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Lol. I like Mickey mouse.
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Kricfalusi ,I bet.
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This is really cool
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If that ain't a unique take on an American/corporate icon, I dunno what is.
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This made me laugh so much,i haven't seen such good art like this since...well actually hang on
I don't think i've seen such good art like this at all! wekjrferbtjtrh,aaaa.
so talented my brain is like melting and dripping through my ear holes!
Alright,enough chit chat,time to look at the rest of your art.
so good,so good! D8
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Your stuff is too priceless.
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Your wonderfull work is featuring here : [link]
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He looks as stupid as adorable !!!!!!! ^^
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You have no idea how much I love this picture, and your crazed up style.
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oh no! mickey *****!
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Hey hey i love it.

Gotta say that at a cursory glance Mickey Mouse art here is a bit depressing like they seem him as a symbol of some avant-garde dystopia. At least this one still shows Mickey can be funny.
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I like this. Very original perspective on Mickey mouse.
goRillA-iNK's avatar
I always knew he was going to crack!!!
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This is awesome. One of the better pieces of art I've seen in awhile. Nice job.
Bobalooshrimp's avatar
Mickey's quite the whore
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