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It's Not Often You See A Horse With Two Rear End

By Themrock
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I'm fucking dead. XD
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So that's what Jasmine would look like if she appeared on Big Mouth :giggle: Abu is pulling that kind of face that says he's about to smack the ever living shit out of Stimpy Aladdin!
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I love everything about this, despite how cartoonishly gross it is. I love it. Nice work, you're so good at expressive work 
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I love this Aladdin redraw of yours :D
Again, a lot of details to discover ("Eat at Joe's" for example or Aladdin's heavily disfigured body XD) and I also love your designs of the characters. Like Jasmine...a princess who's said to be the most beautiful person in the world or something and then she looks like this...hilarious :D (that does NOT mean that more or less ugly persons are hilarious to me, I am just talking about this over-the-top cartoony-uglyish version of a typical cartoon beauty)

And last but not least THIS line out of the movie put in here is another hilarious idea :lol:
And this way it looks like a 1990's videogame cutscene ;)

Great job, I always love to see your redraws of screencaps!
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Oh no, is Princess Jasmine holding golden poop...Why are you so good at making funny, gross-out humor things.
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man what the heck?
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Eww Aladdin’s Crotch 😂😂😂
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He probably got turned on seeing Jasmine XD
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Turned on by THAT face of hers above? XD

He’s a weird guy LOL
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He probably has a fetish for ugly faces idk
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