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Inspector Gadget

Go Gadget go!
Due to the poll result is here the Inspector Gadget pic.


Inspector Gadget (c) by whoever made this cartoon.
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© 2005 - 2021 Themrock
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The company who made this cartoon was DIC entertamen
UzumakiNaruto0095's avatar
Go Go Gadget epicness
CarnageWolff's avatar
hahaha thats so awesome :D
negativesanchez98's avatar
Your style fits the goofyness of gadget quite well. Great pic :clap:
Dolly-Belladonna's avatar
An epic and awesome nostalgic piece :clap: :la:
WhyAyeMann777's avatar
doodeedoodeedoo IN-SPECTTOR-GADGET, doodeedoodeedoo-da-doo HOO HOO!!
Canfex's avatar
So funny! :D nothing to's perfect! :XD:
SuperLeviathan's avatar
Gadget has a little bit of a childish facial expression to him. Frankly, that works in his favor.
DisneyFan01's avatar
God Bless Don Adams. Gadget would've never been a big hit if it weren't for his distinctive and unique voice.
That picture makes Inspector Gadget look wacky!
Rock-Raider's avatar
Nice.:) It's like that 3D pipes screensaver. You know, with the arms & all.
Lerara's avatar
Go Gadget Go! *Sings along*
DarkMetaller's avatar
YEAH! Great character!!!
AltecApollyon's avatar
wow dass habe ich fast vergessen gadget war sooo cool!
SquishyK's avatar
This is just fantastic! :D I love the quirky character design and bold coloring.

Great job! :+fav:
axelalloy's avatar
O_O Oh holy crap! That is just... spectacular. o_O

Great job. Better than my Gadget stuff. xD

Do more! O_O Maybe Go Go Gadgetini's stuff!

*drooling ensues*
CaptainOscillator's avatar
when you would rather listen to the theme song than watch the cartoon then you know it lacks something.
Themrock's avatar
You mean the theme song was better than the show?
CaptainOscillator's avatar
damn straight. do-da-do-da-do-in-spec-tor-gad-get. do-da-do-doooooooooo!
Visitor257's avatar
How about the movie?
spongefox's avatar
I remember that cartoon when I was really young. I THINK I might have some of the episodes taped somewhere.
ForeverKnight's avatar
Wow, this is wonderfully done and I love how your eye keeps moving all over the pic. I do love Inspector Gadget and Beetlejuice and here you have done both!! Great job.. I may be inspired to draw some IG now since I have done BJ a bit. WOO
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