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Galaxy Rangers Collab

By Themrock
Nimrod, Buzzwang, MaCross and Cpt. Walsh are now added and some color changes.

No Guts No Glory.


Inks and colors by me
Sketches and composition by :icontraditionaldanimatio:

Collab with the always awesome Depper Dan. We had a galaxy Rangers collab in our minds 2 years ago. And now we finally did something together and i love it.

The show was one of the best from the 80s stuff we recieved. Form all Intros, had GR the best intro and the best sound. The character design and setting was very creative. Only prob was, that the show itself could not really hold the quality of the intro and some episodes were really bad written and bad animated. But that was the fate of many Shows from the 80s.
Galaxy Rangers has still the potential to get remaked and with a higher budget and a bigger animation team it could bash anything on TV nowadays.

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Hello how are you !? I hope good.
First that all excellent work, the line and the rate that it has is very good, you make a super composition , the only thing that I see is that can be much more interesting if you added shades and highlights, therefore him a little depth and We can know where the light comes, as far as the colors only seems to me that in some sites you have a little risk of which they are united, but generally this super ones or as always

I really like the background it looks perfect to me
(sorry for my english)
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Not much to critique but I'll give it a shot.

Your colors are, as always, damn near perfect. If I didn't know better I'd think this was a production still from the series. However, the shadow work is a bit strange. You have shadows but no highlights. This make the characters are just cardboard cut outs. The hard edges on the shadows also add to this look.

As a personal preference I would have given more shine to the badge. I also would have gone either larger with the background starfield. Or smaller. The way it is now just seems a little boring for the subject in the foreground.

You captured Dan's original line work wonderfully and both of you managed to bring back some fond memories of afternoon cartoon watching.
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I try to change the badge. It's really too flat. I created it in a rush.

The cut out effect is intensional.
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Ah, well then since it was intentional my critique is completely off :lol:
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Changed the badge. Like it better now.
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That looks a lot better.
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Pretty good critique. Colors in general are very good. I disagree on the starfield in the background, but I definitely do agree on the badge. The badge here seems to have less depth than the characters, so although they don't exactly fly off of the page (they're not supposed to anyway), the badge just looks really flat in comparison. I'd add both shadows and shine to give it more depth. If I remember correctly, in the original series the badge was made more 3d-looking and given more shine than any of the other elements on screen.
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superb work you really captured it well the montage of characters is spot on, the colouring reflects the actual show and the placement of the shows characters is pretty much perfect, great work.

the background is colourful but does not take anything from the main focus of this work. although there is no mention in writing in the work that its galaxy rangers a fan of the show would certainly instantly recognise it from the badge motif. The work also strikes as a candidate for commercail work as there is plenty of room left for wording and extra graphics. nice one.
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If Galaxy Rangers was remade by the team behind "The Venture Brothers", it might look something like this!
 Very cool. :)
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Awesome Work.
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I loved that show as a kid, great memories.

Amazing work.
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Oh, man - this was the show - and this drawing is amazing. May be my first print.
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really nice! Never seen a rangers piece on the net before. Maybe i'm just not well traveled enough lol.
Nice collab, does the show justice !

Goose FTW!
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I keep singing the song XD And "Fight to the finish"....No Guts No Glory was the best cartoon theme song EVER.
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a true work of art A TRUE OLDIE BUT GOODI
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I like how it had CG in it and literally having space cowboys was a bit different... :hmm:
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