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Today's livestrem pic!

Pokemon Farfetche'd.

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Themrock has quite the unique style, and I just love seeing it twist most of the cute icons we see today into something as interesting as this. Themrock did not miss a single detail on this farfetche'd, making every wrinkle and every feather with some very smooth contour. If one were to stare at this for five minutes he could see just how delicate these details are, like the hairs on the beaks chin or the roots on his onion or the tiny kneecaps sprouting out of his leg. The anatomy and skill on this is stunning. But what I think needs some work is his colors. The beak has a bit too much orange and not as much yellow as the original pokemon; and the brown is simply disgusting. If it was intentionally made this way I think that you should know your limits with it. Leave it to Themorck to make a drawing like this. The first "skinny" Farfetche'd I have ever seen.
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Oh goooodness, this is simply amazing.
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wait a minute ...

OMG, did anyone else notice this ?!
this is the biggest discovery ever made !
fudging hell, far fetched, I still can't belive it
I guess that's why it's so FAR FETCHED ! ("padampam Jing" (*punchlines sound*))

(though I'm serious I never noticed until know, I'm really blown of my socks)
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I'd want to make the pun, but it's been done to death.
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Hell yeah Farfetch'd.
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hahah, really great. I don't know why but this just reminds me of Darkwing Duck
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Somehow....this Farfetche'd reminds me of Le Quack. [link]

Kinda creepy, in it's own way.
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LOL! That's exactly what I was thinking.
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FFFF I know right?
I saw it on the updated art page for popular ones in the last 8 hours.

I was like 'O.o'
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Farfetch'd looks so disgruntled, probably because it's not getting any attention. Well I still like ya, Farfetch'd. :D
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where is a link to where your streams take place???, i dont want to miss the next one!!!
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I post a journal every time when i do one.
20 or 1 hour before it happens. I am pretty spontaneous with them.
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You are my hero xD. Fav pokemon <3. I actually made Him my starter on my DS games =P.
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WOW! I love this, I would love to see a starter by you
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what I love here is your ability to make him recognizable, but so stylized.
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wow, awesome! i just love your style :D
i remember farfetch... that little bastard always was dificult to catch, for me :XD:
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Way out! This guy is underrated.
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I demand a frontpage!
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Dat is one impressively large leek - still orsum! 8-)
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Farfetch'd turned out pretty keen.
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OMG its so Freaking Awesome
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