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The only really well made licensed mascot transfromed into a game game on the SNES.
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The Mascot of 7-Up!
JesterOfLullaby's avatar
still as cool as ever.
I miss these little guys.:D (Big Grin) 
Spot on, my man. Nicely stylized.
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That game was definitely great.
equilibrik's avatar
I remember this game, didn't play it much though tbh.
derfs51's avatar
This game has brought back good memories.
JoeDillon's avatar
Great Rendition.
I was Spot for Halloween when I was 8.
saw thegamegrups play it it was SO fun to watch! xD
jamesgunner123's avatar
....had such a blast with his game....but damn if it wasn't just balls out HARD!!...>=3
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I remember the looks of this character, but nothing else about him (it?) really...
Twinimation's avatar
This game was impossible!!!
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This dude was ace. A pure embodiment of the 90's. What was it he used to advertise? Was it Seven Up or Sprite or something? Love your line quality. The uneven line around the gloves is beaut.
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I didnt had Idea of this existing... XDD Cool!
spongefox's avatar
You certainly got him.... "Spot" on.

Now I'm wanting to "eventually" do more "Cool Spot" fan art again.
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I just featured Cool Spot in a Small Oddities post on my blog.…
guysafari's avatar
CoolSpot is chill yo
AACrashBurn's avatar
Holy cow! Now this is tickling my nostalgia!
Good drink and game from what I remember. :D
katheb's avatar
One of most fun AND INSANELY DIFFICULT games.
Vastile's avatar
The cooler you are, the more you can save.
 If that were the case, this piece could open every cell Alcatraz. Very nice. 
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Oh man... all my classics! <3
You're making me feel nostalgic... and so old..
soulcrystal's avatar
I wish I could play his game again.
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