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Can of Worms

Finally something big again.
It´s like i woke up.


Earthworm Jim and Princess What´s Her name (c) Interplay or Douglas TenNapel 2007
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© 2007 - 2021 Themrock
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the princess is so complicated: it's just not a 'what's her name', but also a 'what is she?'
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I think she's a sort of bee-like alien

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There is something Dr. Seuss like about this picture that fits. Especially considering the nature of the games.
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Lol I enjoy this one
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Earthworm jim

Shame he hasnt been around for a while or if he has i havent heard about him
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Dude. That's so fluid and awesome! How do you make the lines so smooth without a flaw??
Ive never added any comments before.. but I was so impressed with your gallery I just had to say something. This picture here really did it for me. Earthworm Jim was one of my favorite games when I was younger and it seems it has entirely faded off into the past. It made my evening to bump into your gallery and see all your amazing work *AND* such a terrifice tribute to one of the greatest games of all time.. :)

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My favorite hero!
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The character in this is practically overflowing. I love it =)
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I never understood how you could be attracted to a worm.
Then again, someone must've loved Andrew-Llloyd-Webber...
Great pic as always...
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Yeah, he wrote a famous role just for her, but then they got a divorce.
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This is probably the best EWJ pic I've seen on DA, AWESOME!!!
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du bist des wahnsinns *hehe*
kann einfach nix anderes dazu sagen. das bild schwebt miar schon lange mal im gedächtnis rum.. und jetz hab ich mal geschnallt, dass es von diar ist!
drum.. gibbet jetz auch ein kommilein!

wieda mal absolut geile dynamik überall und mimiken zum niederknien.
ganz besonders die von Jim!
herrlich überdreht und perfekt eigener style.
imma wieda ein genuss!

liebste grüße
dat Schpänkie =3
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I can see why she likes him, that's one long worm.
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Nice pic! I tought Earthworm Jim was forgotten, but you drew him very cool. Cool and fun :)
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EarthwormJim is so awsome! X) I played his games all the time as a kid
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This is awesome! I love EWJ art. You're quite talented with it.

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