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Bold and Brash

By Themrock
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Best painting in the world

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The shoulders don't add up. This belongs in the trash.

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squidward's best painting
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I find this one so strange...VERY pretty but strange....mostly because I'm used to a less simple style when it comes to your art ^^
But hey, this is very nice and I love the colouring and textures here :)
"Sorry buddy, I must've missed one."

(Grabs your work and throws it in the trash)
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*stares at it*

… how much for it? :U
WickerDan's avatar
“More like, belongs in the trash!”

...said literally 3/4 of the comments 
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I was here back when this was still called "Squidward Art", had to change it to "Bold and Brash", eh? :D:D
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When the kids cry they'll get what they want.
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I'm so mad the title isn't "bold and brash"

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"Sorry, I must've missed this one."
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I made that too, I put it somewhere in my classroom XD

Bold and Brash
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Belongs in the trash
"more like belongs in the trash!" 
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Remember this?

"More like, Belongs in the Trash! Ha-ha-ha!"
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I Call It, Bold and Brash!

More Like, Belongs in the Trash!
PiggyInPink's avatar
I love this so much, haha :heart:
OldandNewShowsForevs's avatar
More like: belongs in the  T R A S H
Milk100's avatar
Everything Squidward Makes Belongs In The Trash
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Squidward, look! It's ol' Bold and Brash!

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ughhhhghh so hot
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Squidward: How 'Bout this One? I Call it "Bold And Brash"
Random Fish: More Like... "BELONGS IN THE TRASH"! *Laughing Like Crazy*

That Scene is Epic XD
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Clap Clap clap clap SSB4 - Mega Man Clap SSB4 - Ness Clap BTS Jungkook clap Markiplier clapping (F2U) Stitch's Approval 
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