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this is how i see that cah-tuun 
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my god
You could Bowl with Steven, and use Peal to mine Diamonds!
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we , are the crystal jerks! we always save da dae!
roboguineapigultra's avatar
The Crusty James have never looked better!
CanisAmericanus's avatar
Looks just like the actual cartoon
potatotree524's avatar
Ah yes, Stove Umbrellas, my favorite Christmas movie
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Really hate this show so this is AMAZING in my book! XD
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this is very accurate.
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4 horsemen of the apocalypse
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I salute you for your bravery Themrock.
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Wi R da cristl gms wi alwys save da dey
n if u thnk wi cnt wir alwys fnd a wey
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I intend to do something similar.
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A classic in the making!
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accurate representation 
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That Stephen Multiverse is such a 30's classic
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Man the new steven universe season is looking lit
belchinsmhazees's avatar
fancy to see ya here
An-Evil-Wizard's avatar
Oh hello!

lmao I'm everywhere
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