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Alan Scott Green Lantern

By Themrock
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Awesome pic. Lots of character.
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You... the best, man! ;)
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Looking good! But I never liked the fact that they kept him young. I think he'd be a cooler Green Lantern if they gave him a sage-ish, older look. It's not like you need an athlete's body to wield a power ring. Still, I love his face! That's a mean lower lip!
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I don´tlike what they did to him in the last years.
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Wah haha, uve given him so much characteristics.. wonderful piece haha
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Thanks for the comment!
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Haha! Awesome! Nice work! :D
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i love that pose!
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His pose is fantastic-really dynamic.
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Damn, I love your work, but I think this is one of my favorites so far. I'm a big fan of the original GL, and you did him fantastically here.

Great work! :D

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i guess that's the oldes version of green lantern, should he have silver hair? but he looks like a old fart anyway :D
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it´s an older version of him. It was typical for superheros that they had a cape in this time.
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but after "increadibles" they said that capes makes things bad :D
power aura on his hand looks a little rotten :D
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*giggles like Peter Griffin*
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Exciting and dynamic, and superb use of colour to really bring this picture to life!
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looks like if he cant make up his mind rather to hit himself in the face or to get a new haircut! ;)
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Dirk, you have such a great style!!!
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Danke Danke *sich verbeugen tun*
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bitte bitte *immer noch applaudiert*
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Wow! People don't draw enough Green Lantern pictures to satisfy me!
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