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Aaaaaah, Real Monsters

There was a time where Nickelodeon knew which topics and themes made kids happy.


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Great job with these cartoon monsters :D
I'm not really a fan of the cartoon but hey, still wanna praise your art skills on it! (and yes, I am aware it is an older artwork but it still rocks)
WlanReturns's avatar
I used to watched this cartoon when I was 11 and 12.
ralvarias's avatar
AAAAAAAWESOME!!!!!!! love it! the one of the greatest cartoons!
whatiff4's avatar
Amen to that on your comment Dirk. Kids and adults for that matter :) Great picture...I love it
OmniMK's avatar
man this takes me back!
sniperray213's avatar
hay i rememer these guys
turqteischa's avatar
ah, i loved this show when i was a kid!
I god I loved this show when I was a kid!
Dscapades's avatar
i loved the purple guy when i was young and the black and white one
Erin-Hess's avatar
i LOVE you for making this.
melonbear98's avatar
OMG!!! You i love that show!
And I love this picture!
7cAB7's avatar
good times...

titaboy's avatar
Best show ever!
you represent it proudly!
NorthrendComics's avatar
i recognize these charaters, from wich show are they again?
Themrock's avatar
Read the title.
NorthrendComics's avatar
-_- lol obviously answers sit in front of your nose quite often...well i can recall those characters but i dont think i ever watch the show prroperly :P
RonMonster's avatar
best show ever. nick better get the fn act staright and out this on dvd. yeah its on itunes but wo cares.
Emjaidi's avatar
It's morbidly grotesque, but it really fits the style of the show, doesn't it?
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NikkiNova-ART's avatar
o,o i used to watch them
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