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Book Monster

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EDIT: Wow guys! I'm just shocked by the popularity of my drawing! Thank you!
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AdamSandlerFan2007's avatar

Cool Art. I like it.😎

TheForeverAgainQueen's avatar

interesting, i like it!

kmiliz's avatar

pretty fun and creative

wolfcake07's avatar

this is so cool!

Core-48's avatar
scary, it's awesome
JakeArmorSmith's avatar
That face you make when mom says the RiceCrispys aren't ready yet
AJ-the-Gamer's avatar
This being looks creepy, yet cute at the same time. Interesting mix.
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning friend, wow, the being is sad poor guy!!!.
YoucandoA's avatar
Hope he & these guys will get more light and love in everyday :heart:
SteamingOwl's avatar
I love so much this style! And he is super cute, too. I bet that he would thank some chocolates for valentine's!!
TheMrKraken's avatar
i think best gift for him its book
Max0Takumi's avatar
crowlKats's avatar
damn that looks cool!
ruriswhite's avatar
nice.. poor thing :(
LaMantraMori's avatar
A devil with a golden halo? Nice. :) 
TheMrKraken's avatar
Its not a devil, its just a monster and he is cute, he is not from hell :)
FascismNotIncluded's avatar
Is he huggable? X3

He looks huggable. :3

Plus, looks like he needs a hug. (:3
TheMrKraken's avatar
yep, give him your hugs!
designofriday's avatar
amazing! i love it
beyondthedeep's avatar
beautiful art; so many feelings.
beyondthedeep's avatar
TrueArtPenguin's avatar
Yooo this is cool!
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