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The McEwan Case Files: Case 2, Part 4 :iconthemr42:TheMr42 0 2
Mk IV Maximus Infantry Shotgungun by TheMr42 Mk IV Maximus Infantry Shotgungun :iconthemr42:TheMr42 1 1
The McEwan Case Files: Case 2, Part 3
The Fairy Tale Fatalities, Part 3
Tomorrow morning was going to be beautiful; the headache was coming on already and he hadn’t even gotten inside! He’d cracked open murders that appeared to be suicides; he’d dragged confessions from stone-cold serial killers and yet for the life of him he still could not understand how people could enjoy being in places like this. The strobe lights could induce an epileptic fit at the door and you less listened to the pounding music than felt it through the soles of your boots. How do girls manage to stay upright on those daft heels anyway? Throw in copious amounts of strong spirits blended with the heady atmosphere and you were left with a potent cocktail of bad decisions.
Officially he disliked clubs because if you had to go in to chase someone you had to fight through the crowd, if you had to go in to talk to someone you had to shout loud enough to let the people around you hear what you were saying. Personally, he
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 1 2
Detective-Inspector Ian McEwan by TheMr42 Detective-Inspector Ian McEwan :iconthemr42:TheMr42 2 2
The McEwan Case Files: Case 2, Part 2
The Fairy Tale Fatalities, Part 2
He felt ridiculous. Sat on the kiddy chairs in the “Children’s Books” section of the library, his grey overcoat draped over a stegosaurus book case, he looked like some kind of freakish giant in world of pastel colours. He would have moved elsewhere, but there were so many copies of Little Red that it would have taken ages to carry them all to a table!
Parents kept giving him suspicious glances but he really couldn’t have cared less. He was fixed on the case. Or maybe the case was his fix? Maybe he had been at the job so long he needed the cases to keep him going, to distract him. Especially after…
Enough! He shook the idea from his head turning his thoughts back to the task at hand. He opened the next copy, the front page covered by a tubby smiling wolf standing on two legs.
‘You know, Little Red Riding Hood isn’t just in children’s books.’
He looked up as high as his hunched stat
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 2 2
Carmen Cordis
Each beat of the drum a labour of love.
A love song I’ve spun from deep in the dark,
                                                   I am the one who shall sing you to sleep.
Take me for granted and pile it up high.
The stress and the pain, so cutting and stark,
                                                   I am the one who shall sing you to sleep.
I sing with passion; I sing with my might.
To keep you awake, to keep lit the spark,
                                                   I am the one who shall sing you to sleep.
My song is deep, ringing from within you.
Distressing as death yet
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 4 4
The McEwan Case Files: Case 2, Part 1
The Fairy Tale Fatalities, Part 1
Rain lashed down on the motorway above; held up on great columns of concrete like a giant spine. The roar of the traffic was dull, muted by the rain as it poured onto the tarmac and off the sides of the overpass creating a curtain of water on either side of the underway.
Detective Inspector McEwan hated rain. It washed away, it covered up, it masked, all of the above being detrimental to his profession. Also he disliked getting wet. If God had meant us to swim we’d all have gills and flippers. He set himself down on his haunches and looked up at the corpse swaying in the damp wind.
'So then, what’s your story?’
The body was suspended from the raised bucket of the excavator by a length of cable that was tied off at on the digging machine’s pneumatic arm. A man, tall by the look, but it could just be the perspective, with no facial hair. The body wore a red anorak over its other clothes, hood up, the wind tugging
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 2 2
McEwan Case Files: Memories of Murder, Prologue
Memories of Murder,Prologue
Seven hours, one victim, three suspects, a murderer and copious amounts of paperwork later, McEwan wandered back through the peeling front door of his deteriorating semi, slouched through to the kitchen and staggered from cupboard to cupboard, slowly uniting the elements of a strong mug of tea. Settling on the least damaged mug, he made his way back toward the front of the house and retired to his living room, slumping into his flaking leather armchair. As he sipped tentatively from the mug, trying in vain not to scald his tongue, he thought.
He did some of his best thinking in his chair. He thought about many things, sometimes things that would prove to be case breaking.  He hadn't had the chance today, but unlike the mystery of the mystery writer’s manuscript most cases turned out to be longer burning investigations with much simpler endings.
Ironic really, the more simple the method the harder it could be to catch the criminal.
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 3 7
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
Whatever is the matter child?
You’ve such a pallid pall!
Why are you up so late tonight?
Can you not sleep at all?
You had a scary dream you say?
Oh dear, well that won’t do!
A dream about the Big Bad Wolf
and what he’d do to you?
In that case dear come close at hand,
would you a story hear?
The true tale of that Big Bad Wolf
that we unfairly fear.
The Big Bad Wolf, as you will see,
was not so big, or bad,
he simply tried the best he could
to keep the life he had
for poor old Wolf had lost his job,
a janitor no more,
His missus was no help alive,
She would not lift a paw
He had three pups, two girls, one boy,
he hoped they’d make him proud.
Alas between the three as yet
a brain was to be found.
So Poor Old Wolf, it’s fair to say,
Lived not a stellar life.
He had no job, three hopeless kids
and a less than helpful wife
So Poor Old wolf was out one night,
Seeking to drown his tears
:iconthemr42:TheMr42 1 1
Here's my work, have a look, hope you enjoy it!


Demonslayer Demons sketchdump by Phobs Demonslayer Demons sketchdump :iconphobs:Phobs 3,438 48 Greyshire pg 26 by theTieDyeCloak Greyshire pg 26 :iconthetiedyecloak:theTieDyeCloak 2 12 The Adventurous Feminine Mystique cover by yellowplasma The Adventurous Feminine Mystique cover :iconyellowplasma:yellowplasma 2 5
Family Secrets
"Hello, this is Elaina Finch. I am calling about our appointment that was supposed to happen four days ago. Look, I have called you eight times already. I would appreciate an answer, even if it is not a positive one. Do call me, I will pay you for your troubles." Elaina Finch put down the phone. She took a cigarette out of a silver holder and lit it, holding it between her red lips. She was a tall, slender woman of about fifty, who thanks to modern cosmetologists, looked no more than forty.
She was the editor of a famous magazine, and owned several websites as well. She was my all means a modern icon: beautiful, successful, and famous. Just when she seemed to have it all, she was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. And that had made her very, very angry. She hadn't worked this hard to watch it all being taken away from her.
When her doctors informed her she would not live for more than a year or so, even after chemo, the anger was replaced with a defeated acceptance. She decided not
:iconhossenna:Hossenna 1 0
Greyshire pg 25 by theTieDyeCloak Greyshire pg 25 :iconthetiedyecloak:theTieDyeCloak 2 22
Mature content
A Halo for Red Betsy CH1 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 1 0
Greyshire pg 24 by theTieDyeCloak Greyshire pg 24 :iconthetiedyecloak:theTieDyeCloak 3 16 Prayer-reduced-+ by Klauzero Prayer-reduced-+ :iconklauzero:Klauzero 25 11 The Brain and the Heart- BBC Sherlock Wallpaper by BradyMajor
Mature content
The Brain and the Heart- BBC Sherlock Wallpaper :iconbradymajor:BradyMajor 115 19
Mature content
so i cut myself on her. :iconcrooked-clockwork:crooked-clockwork 14 10
Less Than Legal Introduction
The young life of Charles Plaskitt was very much like the French cuisine in that it was slippery, dangerous, hardly enjoyable, and filled with snails.
He spent his days wallowing in utter boredom inside the dull classrooms of Punctual Preparatory and his nights sneaking under yellow caution tape in the hopes that a crime scene would prove interesting.
He was frequently disappointed.
A smart criminal didn’t pop up very often. He’d be less surprised by a unicorn sighting or a glimpse of a reasonable communist than he would a criminal who bothered to wipe blood from the blade of a murder weapon or considered vacuuming up the countless strands of hair evidence before inviting the police over for tea.
And the sad part was that the police couldn’t catch them. They frequently put too much emphasis on fancy gadgets and not enough on pure, sweet logic. If one really knows w
:iconjarring-chord:Jarring-chord 2 3
Eye by Rhyt Eye :iconrhyt:Rhyt 4 6 Infinite (Collaboration With Whendell Souza L.) by Klauzero Infinite (Collaboration With Whendell Souza L.) :iconklauzero:Klauzero 113 53
The Case of the Expressionist ch 1
The Case of the Expressionist
        Mrs Hudson could be blessedly oblivious at times. John thanked his lucky stars that she wasn't coming up to investigate the source of the racket which filled 221 Baker Street.
        John backed into a side table, sending it toppling over, as he pried at the fingers clamped around his throat. His attacker, a nondescript man dressed in furious black, bore down on him, and he seized the closest thing to him and swung it at the man's face. John realized as his opponent staggered and cursed that his improvised weapon was a vase which, startlingly, hadn't shattered upon impact with the man's jaw. John hefted it approvingly and lobbed it at the man in black, who dodged and allowed it to crack finally against the garish yellow smiley face scrawled on the wall behind him. The man in black rushed at John but was sent reeling. John had broken his nose. Enraged, John's at
:icon10qwertyuiop10:10qwertyuiop10 2 20
BBC Sherlock : Murder in Liverpool (part3)
"Excuse me sir, but you can't go in there."
Sherlock turned around from the door to the office to look at the secretary. She sat inside a round counter that trapped her. Her name was Jane, as Sherlock noted by looking at her golden name tag. She wore a standard secretary dress; white on top and black at the bottom. Although, her dress matched with her figure so she looked appealing. Jane had straight brown hair - probably straightened before work, with a red clip in it. A gift from her mother. The imprint of a thin ring was on her index finger - an ex - boyfriend and she had just broken up with him. Pity. It was as if the whole company was made up of lonely women. 
"Sir, you can't go in there," she repeated, now standing up.
Sherlock just realized that he was still holding onto the door handle and that he was staring at her for a long time. He put his hands down and brushed his hands on his coat. John was on the other side, his arms crossed, but his left hand was on his face - he
:iconlvlariie:lVlariie 5 3
Center of Attention by 4xmikey Center of Attention :icon4xmikey:4xmikey 4 0
Writing or images I find inspirational or entertaining, give them a lookin they have good things to say!


I would say that I loved reading it, but given the topic matter such terminology hardly seems appropriate. Instead I would perhaps say ...

Well it certainly has impact. I scrolled past it, paused, my brain registered what it thought it saw so I scrolled back up and sure eno...

I think you met one of the few people who, when asked if they would like to be immortalized as a tiny troll, said "Hell yes!" Do I like...

Once again, really really nice work. I'll get the bits I didn't like so much out of the way first. I have to say I preferred "Go Away" ...

I'm one of those irritating people who has opinions on everything, including other peoples work. Here's the work I have critiqued (Usually because it's awesome!)



Hey guys,

It seems like all I do recently is take "short breaks",  sorry about that. 

The Fairy Tail Fatalities, Part 5 is nearly finished, I'm down t the final draft and probably would have polished it up and uploaded it tomorrow if I hadn't received some bad news from home. I won't go into the details, as this isn't a therapy journal and I have no intention of fishing for sympathy.

Suffice to say I really don't feel like writing at the moment, and even if I did i probably couldn't turn out anything decent, so until further notice I'm going dark for a while. 

Hope to see you all again when events have sorted themselves out.

-Mr 42


TheMr42's Profile Picture
Wouldn't you like to know...
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Mr 42!

I am a big fan of mystery and enigma and thus I bring you the dark and brutal criminal cases of Jon McEwan as he hunts through London after the mysterious and cruel Mr 42.
I try to ensure that, in all of my cases, the reader has the chance to solve the case before McEwan does and i will hide the facts and clues somewhere inside the chapters.
(The exception to this is are the Memories of Murder chapters as these have already occurred 5 years or so before the rest of the cases.)

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting! :sherlock:

-Mr 42


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