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New Group and updating my stuff

Sat Jan 13, 2018, 10:49 PM
RPG Initiative
A community for all Roleplayers! We are a resource and directory.

So I opened up an official group group for my main site, RPG Initiative. You can go visit it here:

I'll likely stick to using this skin until I make a new one. A very very pink one!

Otherwise I'm going to try and submit a whole bunch of stuff I have that I haven't submitted in a while. I have a little bit to submit. Some site related stuff and some blends and whatnot.

Watch for it. <33

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Haven't done much coloring the past few weeks. I am more or less just trying to stay afloat mentally. I am actually going to focus a bit on my websites that I have to create and manage. I think the easiest one might be Corrupted Carousel for my brother Kyle. Maybe not. I've been wanting to code the sites myself but I think I might use software at first and then from there, take my time and make a custom code on my computer. I really would prefer something a little safer then what I've done in the past so things aren't taken advantage of so this might be my method of choice.

I also need to keep my goals set on reading. Yay! Reading!! I really need to focus on getting caught up on some books I've been meaning to read! So chug-a-long!

Last thing is that I'm very proud of my daughter's intelligence. She doesn't answer questions very well but she is very artistically smart and I am very happy to have someone in my home that can properly draw.

I am considering delving myself into doodles. I have wanted to make a web-comic and I have the character designs, thanks to my brother CJ so I think that I may get into that. It means that I have to get a sense of humor though. If anyone has some extra I'd really appreciate some.

Thanks in advance for some fun. ^_^
I was thinking about posting this before I went to bed but I decided against it. Now that I'm awake and about to clean:

Okay that said my to-do list today is:
Clean room.
Clean house.
Clean Kitchen.
Clean out my wardrobe.

After I get that stuff done then I will be doing another Lady Gaga Colorization!

I hope everyone is having a good New year so far and as for New Years resolutions:
Be a better mum.
Get better at the art I like to do (blends, colorizations, skins)
Find a job.
Start a revolution.
Get all of my websites up and running!

I hope I can successfully do this! I hope any of you that have made resolutions will also keep them!
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So I wanted to see the advantages to a premium membership so I upgraded it for 3 months to see if I like it. Goodbye all of the junk on the site which already makes me happy. So now I just need to make everything work for me here. I really want to do some website coding and stuff so maybe I'll get on that between doing other things. Wish me luck and all that jazz.
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  • Reading: The Sookie Stackhouse Series
  • Watching: Torchwood
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Well I didn't really do well on DA last time I wanted to try and do things but this time I'm just submitting stuff that I make for my other hobbies. Mostly my sets for RPing and playing with photoshop. I'm working through life crises right now so I'm using these as a therapeutic tool. Feel free to make a request if you think you want to see something special.

I'm going to be doing a lot more colorizations so if you have a picture you want me to try feel free to send it to me. I'm also going to be doing backgrounds of PBs and whatnot that I use or my friends use on my RP so look forward to seeing those!!
Well I'm going to try and take some pictures and make them available here. If I get enough support then I may start a Deviant print account. I will be looking for supporters of this idea by them sending me email or by people sending me Deviant messages. I currently don't have any images to post because I'm at work but I will be posting them soon enough. They will all have watermarks on them for safety's sake. You can also visit my website for free downloadable layouts and wallpapers.