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Water Horse




Reports of lake monsters with long necks, horse-like heads, and humped backs are widespread and common from such places as Loch Ness in Scotland, and Lake Champlain in North America. The traditional theory is that these creatures are relict plesiosaurs, but this has been challenged in recent years by new discoveries about plesiosaur anatomy. Plesiosaur's necks were stiff, and could not be held in the periscope-like position reported from the sightings, and seen in photographs like the Mansi photo of the Lake Champlain "monster". Furthermore, land sightings that attribute the animals with legs and hair rule out plesiosaurs entirely. Instead, most cryptozoologists now suggest that these creatures are mammals, perhaps related to cetaceans or pinnipeds.

First Documented: 1933
Classification: Placental Mammal?
Size: 20 - 40 ft long.
Diet: Carnivorous.
Location: Europe and eastern North America.
Locomotion: Swimming.
Environment: Glacier Lakes (Possibly ocean).
Social unit: Solitary.
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Cool! Could you ride this animal like a horse?