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Daspletosaurus torosus

At 26-30 feet long, the Bull Tyrant is a formidable Predator. It has been speculated to be the direct ancestor of the more famous King Tyrant (Tyrannosaurus rex).


Colouration based on the Turkey Vulture. I did some volunteer work at a raptor centre, and just fell in love with those birds, so I knew I had to base a tyrannosaurid on them.

Edit: lengthened the arms, changed the nostrils, and gave it extra-oral tissue around the teeth. It looks a little less vicious, and more friendly than the original, but I'm still happy with it. What do you think?
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a smelly, opportunistic omen of death to any herbivore living nearby.
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"Careful, I am death."
william023's avatar
looks gross and smelly, i love it.
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My favorite Daspletosaurus. 
Terizinosaurus's avatar
IT IS FANTASTIC!!!:D (Big Grin) 
FredtheDinosaurman's avatar
Nice! Nice! Nice!
Probably my favorite of your collection :)
BFG8800GTX's avatar
what better tyrannosaurid to colour based on the turkey vulture than something which matches or possibly outdoes its sense of smell!

Looks good!
titanlizard's avatar
maybe i was asking it, i dont know, but what are you useing for the drawings and colouring?
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I draw them on paper, and colour them on a program called GIMP.
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It still looks very cool. If you want to make it look more threatening, you can pull the lip line back to underneath the eye, like in modern raptors.
TheMorlock's avatar
Modern raptors are birds, so they don't have lips. I don't really want to change it anymore. I'm not too worried about it being threatening. It's going to be pretty scary when it attacks you in game, regardless.
Orionide5's avatar
They do have a lip that goes from the posterior part of the beak backwards... but ok.
TheMorlock's avatar
I see. The eye and the mouth are a little far apart on this dinosaur.
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Always loved this style of tyrannosaur.
TheMorlock's avatar
You mean the cassowary-feathered, vulture-headed, ostrich-legged style?
TheMorlock's avatar
Thanks. :) Me too.
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