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Amargasaurus cazaui

The Spiny Whiptail is a small sauropod from early Cretaceous South America. The spines on the back of the neck are clattered together for a sound display.


My first sauropod! Colouration based on the Blue Wildebeest.

Based on skeletal restoration by Scott Hartman.
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How many spines did Amargasuarus have? Because from different restorations, I see 10-13 spines.
TheMorlock's avatar
Not sure the exact number but i know it had two rows of them.
MonsterMasher137's avatar
WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THAT SKIN???!! It looks like a flipping spikey tumor!
I'm just kidding. But the dewlap as greatly exaggerated. 
TheMorlock's avatar
We don't know how big their dewlaps would be in real life.
dinodanthetrainman's avatar
very cool Amargasaurus is one of my favorites:)
Ebervalius's avatar
Very nice reconstruction. I like it's nose :)
RickCharlesOfficial's avatar
The spikes functioning as a sound display... Very clever!
TheMorlock's avatar
Yeah, I got it from Wikipedia.
Pristichampsus's avatar
I can imagine it arching its neck backwards, clattering its scales, and turning its throat into a giant baloon...
TheMorlock's avatar
Nice. :) I had more like an anole's dewlap in mind, but I guess a baloon works too.
TheComicCreator's avatar
And a fine sauropod it is! :) Diggin' the color.
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