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A group for original monster characters and species.
Show us your beastly brainspawn!

Regular animals and humans are not allowed, but monstrous, mutated, or horror themed versions are welcomed.
(Please note, alternate colouration or the addition of wings, et cetera, to an animal (whether quadrupedal or anthropomorphic) or human is not considered submittable content to this group in particular. Simply wounded or bleeding animals also do not qualify. Please do not take offense, we have nothing against your work, we simply don't feel it fits with the theme of the group.) Images including both creatures and humans or regular animals may be accepted, but the focus must be quite clearly on the creature.

All forms of art are accepted, mature content is allowed if properly marked.
However, images featuring overtly sexual content will not be accepted, nor will images found to be done in poor taste or made to offend.

We do employ quality control; no sketches or poorly scanned/cropped art. Complete pieces which show clear effort only. For the most part, we will no longer accept linearts in the main gallery unless they are extremely detailed. A favourites folder exists for linearts and works in progress.

For writing, please submit only polished pieces.

Members may submit two deviations per folder per day at this time. Submissions to Featured are one per month, please submit your best here.
All submissions to the gallery are voted on.

Staff members can submit more, but holding an administrative position comes with the task of helping accept works into the gallery, requesting other artist's work and inviting like-minded people.
If this interests you, feel free to send a join request to be a contributor, stating how you'd like to assist our fledgling group. If you are inactive in the group for a long stretch of time, you will be reverted to a regular member. If you do well in your role as contributor you may be invited to be a Co-Founder.
Let's see if we can make it into something special. ♥

Submit as much as you want to Favourites, but keep it with the theme of the group. Submissions to Favourites are automatically accepted.

Do not advertise in our front page comments!
Please note the group if you feel you have a contest that fits our group theme. We will make a journal featuring your contest if we agree it fits.
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635 Members
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Gallery Folders

Dark Knight by BigMuzzzy
The Deep by DanHenk
Cave Critter by Taluns
Forest Spirit Sends Disease Creature by TeroPorthan
Demonic and Spiritual
Concept.  Statue. Version 1 by AVirusErothanatoguru
Bad kitty by kanideous
Draw this again/draw in your style by kanideous
Commission by Denzour
The Hunt by 000Fesbra000
Fanart - The Drowned Mother by jamescorck

Mature Content

Transfusion by TheHollyLord
Mushroom virus by Okro-co
Beasts and Creatures
Out of the Fog by The13thBlackCat
[HHG] Harlan x Valeska Litter [CLOSED] by TheLateHeron
Commission for luvbourn by Daniyyeel
commission for justadissonans by Daniyyeel
Shadwoord OC referense by Shadow--Twilight
Bigos Ref by GrimmuzA
Raziel 2018 Reference by Falon-Pride
Anokhis by VentralHound

Mature Content

Dark Scenery
Speedpaint commission for EmocatDragon by Echylok
Dark Train by AmbergrisElement
Ragnarock mini by Shadow--Twilight
Scary stuff by Okro-co


SketchBook: Creating the Leviathans by AngelitaRamos SketchBook: Creating the Leviathans :iconangelitaramos:AngelitaRamos 17 0 Slaughterdile vs Smashingun: the first encounter. by Miakhano Slaughterdile vs Smashingun: the first encounter. :iconmiakhano:Miakhano 67 2 Mr Trypo making by Entropician Mr Trypo making :iconentropician:Entropician 19 4 Mr. Trypo by Entropician Mr. Trypo :iconentropician:Entropician 78 42 Skeleton II by MisiasArt Skeleton II :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 26 0 The Angels by MisiasArt The Angels :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 74 8 Skeleton I by MisiasArt Skeleton I :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 46 5 Cube 3 by MisiasArt Cube 3 :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 63 4 Cube 5 by MisiasArt Cube 5 :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 29 3 Cube 4 by MisiasArt Cube 4 :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 47 6 Elemental dragon by Iggy-design Elemental dragon :iconiggy-design:Iggy-design 21 7 Phoenix by MisiasArt Phoenix :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 72 5 Lovers by MisiasArt Lovers :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 53 9 Temptation by MisiasArt Temptation :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 65 9 Cube 1 by MisiasArt Cube 1 :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 53 5 The Hunting by MisiasArt The Hunting :iconmisiasart:MisiasArt 44 10
I would be very grateful if anyone has time to help run this place as an admin. I'm very busy with my baby and imagine I will be until he's school-aged, so any offer would be very much appreciated.
Please resubmit all expired submissions. I was very ill with my pregnancy and unable to be online. Only recently have I gotten well enough to once more check the computer with any frequency.

I believe the bulk of my moderators have also left/needed to take hiatuses, so please do let me know if you wish to join TheMonstrous' team. Help would be much appreciated.

I apologize for the extended period of inactivity.
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Alita-Berserker Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, is this group still active?
drawitout Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2021  Professional General Artist
Hello. I've been away for a very long time due to having a baby. If you need assistance please feel free to send a PM!
Alita-Berserker Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh congratulations!
drawitout Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2021  Professional General Artist
Thank you, that's very kind of you. He's 11 months old today actually.
Unialien Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, the submission I requested has expired, is this group still running? :?
drawitout Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2019  Professional General Artist
I have been too sick to review submissions. So very sorry. I'm back now.
Unialien Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, sorry to hear it. I got worried that this lovely group would be gone... But hey, It nice to hear your back! :la:
drawitout Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2019  Professional General Artist
I appreciate it!
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ThunderSnowolf Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Professional Filmographer
"TheMonstrous For your original nightmares."
Okay, now that is going too far. Not only are you demonizing monsters, but by calling these creatures "nightmares", you're implying that they're ugly which none of my characters I believe are. Please, just stop.
drawitout Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2019  Professional General Artist
You are definitely a troll. I hope you are enjoying yourself.
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