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Matt And Jeff Hardy, One Of The Most Successful Tag Teams In WWE/F History, One Is A Multi Haired Colored Weirdo Who Has INCREDIBLY Bad Music And Got Fired For A "Rumored" Drug Habit.
And The Other Is The Hardy Fans Didnt Like As Much But Ended Up Being More Successful Alone, THEN Got Fired Cause His Girlfriend Screwed Around On him with His Best Friend.
Oh Thats Not Even Blue In His Hair, Its Green But When I Was Messing Around With The Color Fixing Thing It Got Turned Blue, WOOOOO
The Reference For This Picture Is From The Feb 2001 WWF Magazine Cover
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yeah ! 
the Hardyz Rulez CURSE YOU! 
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Can you draw Jeff Hardy and Melina next?
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Dear jesus
Thats so hawt
I love the fact Jeff has hair like skittles D: <3 *fav'd*
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nice fan art...
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Thanks, Hardy Boyz Ruled
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sooo many colours... pretttty :P :dazed:
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Hah Yeah I Had To Color His Hair Cause Thats Part Of His Wrestling Gimmick, As You Can Imagine He Was Popular Amongst The 14 Year Old Girls
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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha that's pedaphilia like... ewwwwwwwwwwww
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They Never DID Anything With The Girls, They Just Enjoyed Them Screaming Their Pre-Pubesent Asses Off When Their Music Hit
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Well you put my cover to good use i see. good for you! Ahhh...I'm XTREME!
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Yes, Theres No Denying The Hillbilly Hardy Yell That They're Extreme
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really nice job. actually alot of former wwe, wcw, and ecw wrestlers are on or have been on tna
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Yeah EVERYONES Been On TNA, Its Like The Bermuda Triangle Of WWE Wrestlers, When They Get Fired They Goto TNA (-Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Jeff Hardy, X-Pac, DDP, Jeff Jaret, Raven, Im Sure Im Forgetting People-) Oh And OBVIOUS Rip Offs Like "Abyss" Who Looks Surprisingly Like Mick Foley/Mankind
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OH i remember them . what happened to them ? oh well nice pic
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Thanks!, Well Jeff (-Multi Colored Haired One-) Supposedly Got Fired For Drug Abuse, And Now He's Working At Another Wrestling Federation TNA.
And Matt (-The One On The Right-) Got Fired Cause Lita Cheated On Him, But He's Back....Kinda
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