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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 9

-- Heres A New Pirates Of The Caribbean Comic to Make Up For The Last One...This Ones Actually Based Off The Third movie!.

-- Since Im Pretty Sure Everyones Already Seen The New Movie I Wont Do A Spoiler Warning...This Is About Will Turner Taking Over Davy Jones Place As The Captain Of The Flying Dutchman...And Hilarity Ensues!.

-- I Like How Davy Jones Came Out Too, this Is The Second Draft Because The First Time Drawing It, I Produced The WORST Orlando Bloom Character Ever!.

-- How Much Of A Jerk Is Will Turner That He Actually Cleans Out Davy Jones' Locker FOR Him Just To Get Him Out Of There Fast Enough.

-- The Johnny Depp Cardboard Cutout Cracks Me Up.

-- Enjoy!
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ScaryCatish's avatar
The cardboard cutout part made me burst out laughing.. :rofl:
raegirl1000's avatar
hehe who couldnt love johnny
jaksy20's avatar
Pippin777's avatar
Hahaha, that's very cute :-)
Luigigirl65's avatar
Lol he cleaned his locker.
I thought that was in Hell!
DollifiedFrenzy83's avatar
Winyartist's avatar
*steals cutout* MINE! BWAHAHA! :rofl:
nuttystuff's avatar
HAHAHAHAH how to pick up mermaids.. lmao..priceless
MarvelousManga's avatar
XDD Absolutely priceless. XD
Mirou298's avatar
:D lol!! I love this comic!! :P
Thrash-Blackpaw's avatar
xD I love how you did Davy Jones! ^^ Makes me happy! I like happy! *gnaws on the tentacles*
Cerulean452's avatar
I love Davy's face in the first panel. I bet he wants to pinch Will's head off his shoulders. :D
spaztic-demon's avatar
Halarious! Love the locker pun. Nice job on Davy Jones too, I like how his face is nicely detailed with a simple body.
kleeng's avatar
The details realy make this picture
I love Davy Jones in the top picture (it's the eyebrow of doom that does it for me).
Jenivi7's avatar
the johny depp cardboard cutout cracks me up too :D

the whole comic just rocks from facial expression to the detailed items in the box. :heart: :heart:
In-A-Way-Delayed's avatar
Haha, thats great :) It mades me chuckle
Bellevue-DarkKnight's avatar
that's great. who knew he had one of those
jojoseames's avatar
That's a most excellent Davy Jones you've drawn there. :XD:
...Teddybear. X3

Will is an ass. :D
ArwingYoshi's avatar
I like Davy's "How to pick up mermaids" book.
I guess dating a goddess wasn't enough for him, he got greedy ;)
lonewolf20's avatar should of put a dummies guild to building a model ship or something...but still HAHAHAHAHA!
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