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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 8



-- Finally Im Back, After 2 weeks On Hiatus, Im Sorry If I Worried Anyone Or Anything...But Things Happened And Now Im Back, Anyone Miss Me?.

-- A New Pirates Inspired Movie In Honor Of The Third Installment Coming Out...Sorry That The Comics Not Based Off Anything From The Movie, But Ill Have Some Comics Up Soon Based On it.

-- This Idea Came To Me One Day, I Have No Idea Why But I Just Started Wondering what Pirates Would Dress Up As For Halloween, Since They Cant Dress As Pirates.

-- And Yes, He Said "Arrrr!" And Has A Hook...Even Though Its Not Jack-Like. I Added It To Push The Whole Pirate Angle...The Super Pirate Stereotype To Make It funnier...Should Have given Him An Eyepatch.

-- I Loved the Third Movie, A Great Way To Wrap up 3 Movies worth Of Storylines And Plot Twists...And Jack Versus Barbosa Was Freaking HILARIOUS.

-- Im Almost At 20,000 Hits Too, Thats Amazing To Me, I Was Happy To get Just 10,000 Im WAY Happy To Get 20,000. Thank you All, There Will Also Be A Comic To Celebrate.

-- OH, And My 2 Year DA-nniversary Is Coming Up Too!...On JUNE 15th, The same day as The Third Fantastic 4 Movie, How Lucky Is That?.

-- Enjoy!.
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