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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 4

-- New Pirates Of The Carribean Comic, With Appearance By Elizabeth!.

-- Jack Perving Out In His Sleep To A Dream About Miss Swan, And Always Hugging His Jar O' Dirt.

-- Im Not To Happy With How Orlando Boom/Will Turner's Head Came Out, And Im Not Sure If Kiera Knightley/Elizabeth Swan Looks Like Her Movie Self...But Im Happy With Jack, Its Getting Easier And Easier To Draw Him Without Reference.

-- In Jacks Dream Elizabeth Is A Dirty, Dirty Girl...

-- And Apparently Real Elizabeth Isnt...

-- I Could'nt Draw The Sequence that Takes Place After This Because It Was Too Graphic.

-- Enjoy!
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OMg this is so funny! Efter I've read so many fanfictions about Jack and Elizabeth lately, it makes even more sense-- i just love the idea in this!!
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Uh oh he got drunk again didnt he.....?Or did he?:evillaugh:
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I love this! I added a new word to my dictionary: Jackaholic.
My dictionary is now nine pages long and is comprised entirely of words I made up.
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Could you do a picture of Jack Sparrows daughter? Alissa sparrow? Long dreadlocks, and kept the captains hat. and possibly of Barobosa's son? Together? it would be greatly appreciated.
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*speechless* *Rolling around in cacti patch laughing to death*
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Nice work. Jack never did get over the obscene..
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lol thats funy and nice detail=D
Hehe! Yep! I do believe Jack would say something like that.

Au revoir,

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haha much love to you and jack, thanx for making me laugh!

ps I beleive deep down (not that deep though) elizabeth is a very dirty girl
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ahhh jackies too hot
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Awesome. XD That gives me an idea for my own Jack/Jar of Dirt pic...
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Glad You enjoyed It
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that is awesome my friend
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