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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 2



-- Another Issue Of Stupid Pirate Jokes: Featuring The Pirates Of The Carribean.

-- A Scene Taken From The Second Movie, Ive Seen Alot Of Fanart About The Infamous "Jar Of Dirt" And I Loved the Whole Jar Of Dirt Bit In The Movie, And How He Was So Obsessed With It...I Think The Director Added The Jar In The Movie JUST To Give Me Some Comic Material.

-- Orlando Blooms Response Was The Same Thing I Said To Myself When I Heard Depp Saying It In The Movie.

-- After This Scene Took Place, Jack Sparrow Then Proceeded To Fall Down A Flight Of Stairs That Appeared Out Of Nowhere...Jack Was Okay, But The Jar Of Dirt Needed A New Hip Transplant...

-- Im Very Happy With How Jack And Will's Face Turned Out Here Too.

-- Its Funny How Many Damn Ideas Ive Had So Far...Right Now I Have About 5 Other Pirate Comics Drawn.

-- Has Anyone Noticed How Johnny Depp Looks Alot Like Jack White: The Lead Singer Of The White Stripes?.

-- I The Next Comic, Jack Goes To Heaven!
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