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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 11

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-- Yes, A BRAND NEW Pirates Comic, Full Of Vitamins, Minerals, And Good Ol' Fashion Crudeness.

-- Im Sure You All Get This Joke, since Its Not The First Time I Actually Used It: [link]

-- I Came Up With It One Night, I Was Drifting Off To Sleep, And Suddenly A Random Stupid Joke Popped In My Head About Jack And The Kraken, And I Knew I Wouldnt Be Able To Sleep Until I Atleast Wrote It Down.

-- Ideas Hit Me So Randomly...Either I think Of Them Out Of Nowhere, Or Me And Huero :iconthejinxedone: Come Up With One, And Mold It Till Its Funny, Or A Funny Punchline/Gag/One-Liner Will Hit Me While Talking To Someone...Seriously, Ask Anyone I Talk To, I have No Rhyme Or Reason, And I LOVE It.

-- Been Awhile Since I've Drawn A pirates Comic, Was A Bit Rusty But I Think I Nailed It...It WOULD Have Been In Color But I Recently Rebooted My Computer And I Lost My Photoshop, So It'll Be Black And White Until I Can Get Courts Photoshop Installed.

-- Enjoy!.
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my god!!!! hilarious!! i never thought of that!! shame on me!! hahahaa!!
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rainbow-leelooHobbyist General Artist
ahaha epic XD
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CoolCatFloraStudent General Artist
He-he)) This is great!
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Luigigirl65Hobbyist Artist
Amorally's avatar
HAHAHAH awesome! Make more please :)
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RetroOutroHobbyist Digital Artist
Jack's expression and words say no, but his lack of forward action says yes. Oh jack. :O
PrettyxWhenxYouxCry's avatar
zomgz!! Jack Sparrow tentical rape! it is going to start a fandom completely it's own! evil man.
ZizziHungarian's avatar
Point taken! :D
Phantasim-Fan's avatar
Very good, but tent-rape is over used. Funny though.
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gsdarkProfessional General Artist
Say NO to kraken!!
Yes daddy!
But can I have Jack?
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lavie-chan-lady Traditional Artist
lolz, poor jack!
RikusShadow's avatar

Did you know that they make a drink actually called Tentacle Grape? It's amazing! :D
Atwista's avatar

Good to see you back Ricker!
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SoulLostAtSeaProfessional Traditional Artist
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Ahahahaaaaa :XD: genious :XD:
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Yay more Pirate jokes! I hope you make more :D

But lol this was funny
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Priceless. Nor is Jack a Japanese school girl.
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Will want to see it colored one day. God me laughing hard!
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AndrewDavidJProfessional Interface Designer
Heh, made me laugh.
It's "You're" btw.
Lol, crazy asians :)
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