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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 10



-- A New Pirates Comic...Its Not Really New Though, Since I Drew This The FIRST Day Part 3 Came Out, I Just Didnt Post It Because Of Goth/Off.

-- The Joke Here Is SO Overused And cliche By Now, But When i First Drew It I Thought It Was Hilarious, I Still Do Too. So To Make Up For The Late Cliche Joke I made The Comic In Glorious Technicolor.

-- Yes There Is A Shampoo...And A tiny Comb!...Uh...Or So I Heard...

-- I Like How the Colors Came Out, I Was Going For "Dirty Pirate" With The Skin Tones, I Think I Accomplished That, And That May Not Be What Tia Dalma Wears In The Movie, But When I First Drew It All The Had To Go By Was The Few Still Photos And Footage From Parts 1 And 2.

-- Also Notice Something About The Background Color? Yes Its Not the Normal Grey, I had To Change It So It Wouldnt Clash With Tia Dalmas...Uh...Crabs...

-- As Soon As I Get The Third Movie I'll Draw More Instalments...With Better Jokes.

-- Enjoy.
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I found it funny because at first (because my zoom is fixed weird since my mom is blind as a bat) i only saw their heads and I thought the joke was about Dreadlocks. not... crabs.... XD