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Stupid Pirate Jokes Part 1

-- A New Comic Im Starting Thought Up By Me And Huero.

-- Stupid Pirate Jokes: With Jack Sparrow And Will Turner...I Can Think Up Tons Of Stupid Pirate Jokes, So Who Better To Draw As The Stars Than Cap'n Jack Sparrow And Will Turner?.

-- This Is THE OLDEST Pirate Joke In Ever I Think, Im Pretty Sure I First Heard It When I Was 8, Its An Old One But A Classic One!.

-- As Im Sure You All Know...Well The People Who Knew I draw This Comic...That I HATED Drawing Jacks Hair, Its A Pain In The Ass, I Simplified It As Much As I Could Without Taking Away From the Jack Sparrow-iness Of It.

-- Oddly Enough I Had Trouble Drawing The Boat Steering Wheel Coming Out Of His Pants Too.

-- Even MORE Odd Is That Ive Actually Found A Girl Who DOESNT Think Johnny depp Is Hot.

-- I Havent Seen the New Pirates Movie Yet, I Went To See Superman Returns Instead...Although I LOVE Pirates, This Isnt Just A New Fad For me, I Was A Pirate For Halloween At Ages 6, 9 And 11.

-- Enjoy!
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Oh gosh. I've heard this one before.
TheBirb's avatar
Ugggh didnt robot chicken make that joke?
angelacypher's avatar
That hurt! xDDDDD
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Bane-Shadows's avatar
ahaha!! I laughed so hard when i saw this! totally awesome!
Kaname-Nakajima's avatar
Murphyneedsbraces's avatar
I didn't get it at first, and five minutes later I got it and had to stop myself from dying. I love ut!
TheMonkeyYOUWant's avatar
Hahaha NICE, A Delayed Reaction
Heir-of-Merlin's avatar
I don't think Johnny Depp is hot either.
Shpuggy's avatar
That's something that my five year old brother says all the time.
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XxHotAlphabetSoupxX's avatar
It is very sad when you find girls that do not think Johnny Depp is hot. I've found three or four. It is just completely ridiculous.

This comic made me laugh a lot.
Beastfire's avatar
...:lmao: :rofl: That's awesome! The expressions are wonderfully done!
Lina-ChanTheGreat's avatar
YES!!! That's the greatest pirate joke, I even told it to my science teacher and she laughed :XD:
Valkyrie-5's avatar
*headdesk* *dies laughing*
Saffy-Night's avatar
really really funny
yunamira's avatar
I laughed for about five minutes after looking at this, and actually had to force myself to look away so I could calm down and not choke to death from laughing. =P Wonderful! It's so stupidly hilarious!
TheMonkeyYOUWant's avatar
Hahahaha That Makes me VERY Happy To Know I Caused Someone To Burst Into Fits Of Uncontrollable Laughter
astakaren's avatar
TheMonkeyYOUWant's avatar
Heh, Very Glad You Dig It
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